Nether rail system.

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  1. Soooo... We live in the wild roughly 50k away from town. I am planning to build a nether highway and look for tips on how to proceed with it since its going to be a solid 3500 blocks still.

    How do you guys make your railway system?

    Do you make a 1 block wide, torched all the way and completely exposed rail? Completely covered in netherack or cobblestone?

    Any stops in the rail or point A to point B?

    How do you conceal the point B that is close to spawn or do you cover it at all?

    Is it better to stop some 100s blocks away from spawn and walk the rest to make it more subtle?

    Griefer problems? Solutions?

    Lots of questions huh?

    Thanks for the replies!
  2. I walked about 500 blocks from nether spawn before I started mine. A simple false wall should conceal it pretty good. Ive found that most people build there's just under bedrock, so I make mine below those tunnels. You can run into caves while doing this but you can fill those in pretty easy. At a few hundred blocks from the trail (or wherever you find a nether fortress/someones base/a false base you made) make the rail "end " then go diagonally about 10 blocks and start the rail up again, filling in the blocks you took out diagonally. Hope it helps
  3. Myself, we made an 8500 block long tunnel 3 high by 3 wide (so you can ride horses along it) and then added a 1 wide by 2 tall inset rail tunnel to the side of the main tunnel which I then put half blocks on to stop pigmen. The build took a little bit of time, but the result was we could get by horse in 10 mins or less to our frontier post if just travelling, and if running goods or going afk I use the rail for about a 15 min trip. Our frontier base is a good 50,000 diagonal from spawn.

    We didnt hide it at either end, in fact the tunnel is quite visible and on the edge of spawn, but that said there is one caveat...I built it in the utopia nether, which is unavailable to non-supporters. My belief is that the typical griefers are not going to pay money to get banned, so there was no point in hiding it.

    We also posted many signs making sure people knew who built it, where cross tunnels go and so forth, marking private spaces versus public. I included spots for public expansion and storage, generally making it something people would rather use than abuse.

    in the end if someone does cause trouble...well I'll deal with it then, but in utopia (as I see your a supporter) you could get away with this. If I were in the public smp's I'd follow cowland's advise, making it a little less obvious and false stops.
  4. There is certainly significant griefing to anything built near the the spawn platforms. I would try to hide you entrance.
  5. If people are going to either a) put in the time to get the money to get a supporter voucher of gold or diamond or b) pay money for said voucher just to get banned...then I'll be happy to report the issue, fix the grief and see them burn their money/time. Personally, I've met very few griefers with that kind of patience or willingness to spend their money over some pixels that I can get repaired :)
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  6. I/we have reported and had banned at least 4 players for griefing/stealing rail/other items in this area. Not saying these were supporters. More likely new players to the server. That's why they take the low hanging fruit (or stuff easiest to find near the spawn).
  7. Non supporters can not access the nether frontier in utopia. Thats all I'm saying, so if your seeing issues in utopia nether frontier...then they were supporters doing it, if thats really a common problem I will re-evaluate, but I sincerelydoubt it will be.
  8. Good insights
    Might just make a corridor with no rails. Avoid the temptation and make it broken in multiple section out of the view. Make it safer.

    Thanks everyone!
    I'll save tons of gold and iron lol
  9. No, you need the rail. Seriously.
  10. I disguised the entrance of mine to look like a used quartz mineshaft so I have no griefing issues at the spawn end.
  11. You did. Interesting.
  12. Takes about 25-30 to get to my base. It's a devious mixture of nether rail, dummy bases and magic. But it's all for nothing when the 1 block cover is left open :D

    Is this rail going directly to your base? If it is you might want to consider alternatives as this is pretty much a neon sign to your stuff. My rails are just basic 1 block by 2 high tunnels, slabbed to keep mobs off. I do this because it will all be removed when land claiming arrives. As for my base internal nether area, I wanted to make it look like a subway almost. This area is for keeps so fancy all the way. Nice lighting in the walls, room to get off rail safely in case more then 1 person are on the rail, etc. Can always google/youtube ideas and then try to mix and match what you like.
  13. You mean to your old base. I would also consider some potted flowers maybe.
  14. I personally would try to make it small and not put to many blocks that are foreign to the nether. If you make it too large and build it out of stone or another foreign block it will show up really well on the live map. Better it blends into the nether the less likely it will be found.
  15. All make sense. So walk a while away from nether spawn, small and concealed, ends a while away from home. Sounds about the safest. I don't think I'll make too many sections.. Ah man, the eternal fight against griefers. Cant wait to claim my land for good.
  16. That said, all these ways to hide are pretty mute when people can zoom in the live map and see those long ( even if narrow ) black lines on the nether map. I mean, I knew where a good dozen tunnels were before I placed mine, and I used it to purposely avoid others. Even as I crossed 8500 blocks, I changed directions a few times not because I ran into anothers, but because I could see a 1 wide tunnel on the map out of just netherrack ahead of me because it makes a black line that is hard to ignore if your looking for it.

    In my day job I do IT security, and we have a saying. "Obscurity is not Security" Which is what this is all about....hiding things wont make it safe. Albeit on the public smp servers, if your hidden well someone else is visible they become the easier target.

    I think the real winning recipe is distance, and assume no matter what you do on the spawn end, that end is at risk. Once land claims come will be better. Griefers are not patient ususally, nor do they spend money for their lolz. So to me, distance and being on Utopia as a supporter is the best method. Hiding my nether spawn side entrance...not worth the time given anyone could find it on a map if they really wanted to anyway...and
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  17. I have a hard time identifying my rail on the live map....
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  18. I find lots...dont know what to say.
  19. I personally do the rail and then mine out a 1 block pathway next to it so that if something messes up i can jump out and run next to it, I slab the pathway too and then slab the rail.
  20. I have one that goes roughly 5.5k blocks out, and the best tips that I have are to go to whatever wild spawn is close to yours, find a nether portal, make a mini nether base at y:5, and just make a 2 block tall tunnel and place rails the whole way there.
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