Nether portal help.

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  1. So, I make a nether portal. Go through - No other portals should be anywhere near this one.

    Go back through the portal and it creates a new portal and spits me out, like 100 blocks from the original portal. Is there anyway I can convince it to spit me back out where I went in? Like if I obstruct the new portals location after tearing it down?

    Just curious. Thanks!
  2. Please explain again (more detail), I didnt understand :/
  3. hmmm. ok I'll try again.

    I make Nether portal A from my home to the nether. When I step back through to go back home the game creates Nether portal B about 100 blocks from nether portal A. Then Nether portal C about 10 blocks from B....

    What. /facepalm.

    Why won't it just let me use A. Why does it keep creating new portals??
  4. is there a way to make it so we dont create a new portal every time we go through the main 1?
  5. From what i understand, This cant be fixed it has happend to me multiple times. Sorry, I too wish there was a fix for this.
  6. There is a critical bug in craftbukkit atm that breaks nether portals since 1.4.2.

    I've pushed alot for this to be fixed but they havent done it yet... You just got to wait on making proper nether portals until they fix it
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  7. So by that logic, we can have a infinite amount of obsidian?
  8. Thanks all & Aikar.

    It's not a huge deal. Will just have to create a room for the new nether portals to be safe in. When I first came out of it I stepped into lava. And a tunnel to connect it to the others.
  9. Obsidian can already be nearly infinitely made (Convert Redstone Dust to Obsidian) just takes a long time usually to Mine it up
  10. You can also build a portal with 10 blocks, go through, break it, and gain build another 10 block portal netting yourself 4 blocks each time. Inefficient, but its possible!
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  11. Well there is a way to fix this by using X and Z coordinates (F3). To do so Find the Coords of Portal A after Portals B and C are destroyed, Then destroy that portal in the nether and go to Coords of Portal DIVIDED BY 8 because 8 blocks in the overworld is equal to 1 block in the nether. Build a portal at that location. Hopefully it works good luck! Oh and remember that there are negative and positive coordinates and that Y is just up or down. :)
  12. Due to the bug that Aikar mentioned this doesn't work at present.
  13. oh did not know that
  14. We tried this. In the nether we had to move the portal about 5 blocks. Now about 3 times out of 4 we come out of the correct portal. The other time it had created a different portal. So it is better - but not perfect. Thanks for the help. :)
  15. It isn't a CraftBukkit bug, but it is a regular bug. It has happened to me in 1.1. It is caused due to a bad placing of the portal.