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  1. Nether Portal Link

    Hello all! In this tutorial I will be explaining the methods in creating a link from the normal
    world to the nether using a portal. Creating a nether portal from your place in the wild to the nether proves beneficial as opposed to making the trip by foot, boat or even rail.

    Once they are linked, they are forever in a bond where a Ghast or even a Creeper can never break. If the portals on either side are missing blocks, simply replace the blocks and use flint & steel to re-ignite the portal and it will continue to take you to your destination. The only way that your connection will be lost is if all the blocks that make up the portal are gone.

    Now I will explain the steps in connecting the portals from the normal world to the nether.

    Normal World

    First, in your above or underground base you want to create the structure of 2 portals; don't activate them yet. The portals don't have to be in the same vicinity.

    Pick 1 of your 2 portals that you want linked to the nether and stand in the middle of the portal, then press F3 to bring up the 'debug information'. Jot down the x,y,z coordinates and then divide the x and z coordinates by 8. The quotient of the x and z will be your new coordinates. The y coordinate will remain the same. Now ignite the portal but DO NOT go through the portal. Head on over to the other portal, ignite it and go on through.

    Nether World

    Once you enter the nether, bring up your 'debug info' and then locate the spot with the new coordinates within the nether. Once you have found the spot create a portal and ignite it.

    The moment of truth! Simply step through the portal and you will appear in the portal that you jotted down the coordinates from the normal world!

    Enjoy! :cool:

    Feel free to add any new updates pertaining to portals!
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  2. please excues this slight bump but you can make portals to other res's in town
    i made a visual tutorial at 19110 on smp9.