Nether is Empty - Help?

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  1. Short and to the point - Basically i've been walking around the nether for about 10 minutes ... and there is literally no mobs - no ghasts, withers, skellies, blazes, magmas, pigmen - anything ... anyone know what's going on?
  2. No idea, ive been grinding for the last 2 hours, ive seen plenty of mobs
  3. Sister, a friend, and I are in some caves and hardly see anything. There have been an occasional skele or zombie and I've had two creepers spawn right on top of me and then instantly blow up. The other night I went into the nether and just stood on a column and shot pigmen with a bow for a while. No ghasts and maybe 2 magma cubes.
  4. Aikar changed the mob limits.... Maybe that's it....
  5. Don't know what to tell you. I'm being attacked by a ghast right now.
  6. I agree with you Caleb, theres barely any mobs in the Nether. It is good and bad at the same time. Im making my move and making a Wither Skeleton Automatic Farm and will be destroying everything in a 180 block radius from it. Good thing is that its in the middle of a huge lava lake.
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  7. Maybe it could be upped a little bit? my intent was to basically get my guy out of the nether and back to wilderness after having not been on that smp in a few weeks ... then with it empty i thought - hey i could go get some glowstone ... but then after awhile - it wasn't really challenging going to 3 seperate nether fortresses near each other - and only 1 out of the 3 spawned 'any' mobs ... me hoping to get to atleast kill some ghasts ...
  8. Already planned.

    The low mob count is something Aikar fixed, he simply hasn't been able to apply the update yet.
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  9. We are saved!
  10. Had a reasonable turnout of blazes at my double spawn, but serious lack of anything else :confused:
  11. I guess it's another scheme of his to ruin the economy: "One thousand rupees for more mobs!"
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  12. Aikar explains what he did here:

    He didn't sound like he was going to allow mobs to be like they were anymore but seemed to be willing to adjust them a little. He said he "tweaked the tick rates" Wednesday night. I noticed a few more mobs in the Wild then. Last night was a snoozer for me though. Maybe there were more people online or something.

    I've been slabbing and torching since Monday trying to reduce the spawnable areas around my farms without any noticeable improvement. I hope it turns out not to be wasted time once Aikar lets the faucet drip a little more.
  13. Logging in and out WILL help, to a degree. I wouldn't suggest doing it too often... but if it becomes really sparse, give it a shot. And, of course - leaving chunks and coming back always helps.

    Someone mentioned it is both good and bad, and I've got to agree. This "downtime" makes it a bit easier to build, without ghasts annoying the craap out of you.
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  14. Where was this vacancy when I was trying to neutralize a blaze spawner.
  15. I'm curious why you're going out to 180 blocks. Also, are you truly removing all the blocks within that radius? What advantages are there over slabbing to do this?
  16. Hmm. Destroying netherrack is pretty quick with enchants.... might be faster than slabbing it.
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  17. the biggest changes to fixing the mob density is not applied yet. The tick rate increase on wed just helped spawn them faster (which can help a tad bit in the overall problem)

    Max wanted to watch a movie last night so didn't get much progress done until the last hour before bed, so I think its near stable in bugs now and I can work on tweaking the density formulas and ensure its correct this time.

    From what I noticed it seemed to be patches of TONS of monsters, then patches of no monsters... It's really confusing me.

    Don't worry, this isnt how EMC will be going forward, this is most def a bug and will be fixed, hopefully this weekend.
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  18. As I've been slabbing the last few days, I've noticed a few stuck fireballs here. A few minutes ago, a friend mined a block near one and it exploded. Are the fireballs possibly evidence of some problem that is artificially increasing my entity count and restricting mobs?

    I've been checking /entcount here and watching to see how the slabbing is affecting spawning. I've lost track of the number of stacks I've used, but it's been about four inventory loads per night the last few days. A LOT.

    I notice that my entcount is still hovering in the 40's. I'm hoping for evidence that my slabbing is restricting spawns in the surrounding area but haven't seen an increase in mobs in the drop area yet.
  19. Yeah they were spawning fast alright. I had two creepers instantly spawn and blow up on me before I knew what was happening.

    Do hope you guys enjoyed the movie though :p
  20. actually i saw alot of those floating ones too; for over a month, a few hover in the same area ... last night since there wasn't many mobs i just built a tower and jumped and hit it - and it went flying, exploded, and dissapeared

    so i think it's just maybe lag causes it to glitch in the air - and since it technically is a block - it will stay until moved or hit. :)
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