[Nether Death Battle] May 23rd, 2013

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  1. It's Nether Death Arena Time. Everyone meet at the Nether "WASTELANDS" on SMP2.

    We will be holding another infamous Nether Death Battle tonight.

    If you're new here, Death Battles are more for fun than it is for gain...though gain IS possible. We pick a place, in this case in the Wastelands Nether on SMP2. You come to this area and we spawn endless waves of mobs. Our goal is to kill you with these mobs. IF you should get some drops and make it to safety, they are yours to keep. However, we will try and let this not happen.

    Some things to keep in mind:

    • Don't bring anything you're NOT WILLING TO LOSE! Chances are you will lose things you bring to death.
    • DO bring things to protect yourself from explosions, fire, and any mob you can imagine. You'll likely see them at some point.
    We will be meeting at the Wastelands Spawn building in 10 minutes and then going to a random spot for the battle. See you there!
  2. First real comment :) dang can't make it and I probably gave you the idea when I asked you about one xD
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  3. let's do this!
  4. Yes! These are the best! :D
  5. Congrats! Your prize? All of your honor has been removed. Please go back, actually read the post, and post something constructive.

    Glad to see these Death Battles are still around:)
  6. ...

    Figures it's 11:16 PM where I live...
  8. 3 more minutes!
  9. Let's do this thing! :D
    ...and die.
  10. Yay! Death!
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  11. 2013-05-23_23.46.22.png
    What I got before dying :p
    sadly I must now go enchanting for new armor :p (because I died right after going back there from putting all that in vault)
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  12. Also, thanks very much IcC for doing another one of these they are very fun (even though you die and lose money it is very fun) If only it was more of a monthy/bi-monthly thing.
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  13. I was just kidding, dude xD
  14. I couldn't make it :( In the summer, I hope this will happen in PST because I can't go to most events... :(
  15. That was fun!! Thank you.
  16. Did you all enjoy my plentiful melons?

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  17. Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 12.19.59 AM.png
    Did anyone get more than me?