Nether bug 1.8

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  1. I couldnt find the 1.8 bug forum so i just decided to make one.

    I dont know if this is a bug but withers have been coming up at skeletons on the damager indicators and withers have also been dropping skeleton heads recently.
  2. Do you mean Wither Skeletons. or actual Withers?
  3. wither skeletons
  4. The issue with damage indicators is something they would need to fix. Have they dropped any wither skeleton heads? or just regular?
  5. theyve been dropping regular skeleton heads more then their own wither head. also lava slime heads arent stacking they are going in 1,2,and 4 stacks.
  6. They were dropping regular skeleton heads before the update.
    As basically all I do is hunt Wither Skeletons, I can verify that their drop rates for Wither Skulls seems to have increased somewhat - I suppose that might have carried over to the regular skulls that they drop for some reason.

    They are capable of dropping both skulls at once, too.
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  7. :confused: o really? well poop what about the non stacking lavaslime heads though
  8. For future reference, I think bugs should be messaged to Aikar and his dev team. I think.
  9. Cave Spider heads are stacking weirdly too, no idea why.
  10. There is no mention of normal skelly heads being dropped from the info on the Minecraft wiki page. I've killed hundreds of wither skellies and never once did it drop a normal skelly head. And really it shouln't as it's not a normal skelly.

    As for other heads. Nothing seems to stack normal. I though it was 1.7 versions vs. 1.8 but multiple drops from 1.8 don't stack.
  11. Yea its been happening on smp8. not only to me but a few others, ofcourse what is never right over at smp8 XD
  12. Really? This has been happening since I joined, I thought it was normal as they are still technically a type of skeleton. Besides, I'm not one to complain about double heads.
  13. ive been having regular skeleton heads drop from wither skeletons too.
  14. In 1.8, each level of looting increases the chance of rare drops by 1%.
    This value was 0.5% in previous versions.
    In short, with looting 3, the drop rate was increased by around 37%.
  15. All heads are having the stacking issue. Ok, I can not personally account for all but I can for enderman, Slime, zombie, cave spider, villager, sheep, cow, chicken, zombie pig men. I believe I currently have 2 stacks of 2 chicken heads, and 4 singles that will not stack together. heck I have 4 or 5 of my head in a stack and one on the side that won't stack.