Nether Beacons

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  1. So, after a few attempts, I have come to the conclusion that beacons in the nether have been disabled on EMC. Is there a significant reason for this?

    As copied from:

    Activation[edit | edit source]

    In order to activate a beacon, the beacon must adhere to the following requirements
    • Beacons require an unobstructed view of the sky, though bedrock and transparent blocks (including water, lava, slime, glass, enchanting table, and other beacon blocks) will not count as obstruction.
    • The beacon is on top of a pyramid constructed from iron blocks, gold blocks, emerald blocks, and/or diamond blocks.

    According to this and the references to beacons being able to be used in the nether/end, I believe this was a change to EMC specifically.
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  2. In the nether, the only blocks above beacons can be transparent or bedrock. Place the beacon and mine a pillar up to bedrock. If it still doesn't light up, try moving over a block or so.
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  3. Well there ya go! I picked up and replaced the beacon again after your reply and had considerably better results!
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  4. Glad I could help. :)
  5. Phew, thought we just uncovered another staff hate thread ;)
  6. I spent about 15 minutes placing, moving, replacing these beacons and could not get them to work. Then, after a reply here from Rhythmically, it works perfectly fine... Works for me!
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  7. Maybe there still was a netherrack you didn't see above the first bedrock block?
  8. There are beacons at /nether on smp8 if you follow the bridge, then an enclosed bridge to a manual mob farm. They work.
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  9. I'm magic.
  10. protip, when you are at the nether ceiling place tnt very close to where you want your beacon to go through, it will blow up netherrack and quartz that is unreachable and clear a path for the beacon effect
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