Nerfing of Spawners/ Grinders

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  1. I think that we should code out anvils! Even with this, people just enchant 4 lv 7 things, and combine em to get a great freaking pick!!
  2. Enchanting wont stop but may have a little price increase.

    Enchanting wont stop because people can trade for enchanted items, trade for bottle o' enchanting or just kill and dont forget mineing
  3. Using the Anvil takes XP points fyi
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  4. Price increase for enchantments, yes please.
  5. I think that this would benefit players with two spawners close to each other but not close enough to make a dual grinder :D They could just switch between them when one stops working :)

    Im looking forward to this! :D
    Everyone! Start grinding!
  6. Can't wait for price increases - I have about 15 double chests of enchantments to sell :cool: You can also use duels, just stand close to one but further from the other
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  7. Beneficial. Enchantment's pricing will raise back to what it used to be, or even more.
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  8. Well, apparently there is a new problem to solve.
    Yay :)
    Don't worry, we'll solve it :D
  9. Probably not.
    But it'll go up, I believe that.
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  10. Sorry to bust everyones bubble, but Jeb reverted this and it won't be nerfed.

    It makes me sad, as I was very happy about the change...
    Maybe we should hold a vote on implementing the change on our end anyways =P
  11. Please no.
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  12. I'd just like when mobs wouldn't spawn where they shouldn't - for example in well lit locations...

    Otherwise, just think what makes the game more difficult, what creates more interesting in-game problems with potential for various creative solutions.
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