Spawner based Exp grinders receiving major nerf!

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  1. So Mojang has modified Spawners in 1.4 to limit how much experience mobs spawned from them will give over periods of time.

    In other words, after like 30 minutes or so, the mobs spawned by them will no longer give experience points, and you will have to come back at another time for them to give exp again.

    Major kudos to Mojang for this, make people be a little more non-monotonous for leveling up :)
  2. We'll each have to find ourselves several spawners to alternate between then :p
  3. I would imagine natural spawn "Dark Room" grinders will be unaffected by this.
  4. I would imagine this is true ^^^

    Believe it or not (even as the owner of a grinder) I really really like this.
    Grinding mobs by going afk - Takes a lot out of the game in my opinion. It hopefully will encourage the alternate methods of XP (Furnaces, Mining, etc.)

    It would probably help balance out the unstable enchanted tools market right now - But this is still months down the road...
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  5. I'm sure I'll be ranted at for this but HOORAY! This should cut down on those times where too many mobs were spawned and affecting natural mob spawns etc. I hope it will cut down on this stupid obsession with TEXP as well. "OMG U GUIZE I NEED TO BE NUMBR1!" "OMG I NEED TO BEAT LEO!" "OMG I GOT MORE TEXP THAN YOU HAHA!"
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  6. when you see most people you in the TEXP charts go AFK for HOURS!!
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