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  1. /rant
    I am perfectly fine with marlixes, momentuses, enraged skeletons, enraged creepers just THE ENRAGED ZOMBIES ARE SO POWERFUL.
    If anyone has played mob arena in the past few weeks ( especially yesterday and today ) will understand this, enraged zombies deal too much damage in one hit, I'm fine with them being heavy hitters, but the damage they deal at the moment is over powered. This isn't just a mob arena thing, I was mining and an enraged zombie attacked me, in full diamond armor I still couldn't take a few hits from this guy. All I'm asking is too have the enraged zombies to be a little less powerful, maybe more health or have them be faster? Just THEY. ARE. SO. POWERFUL.
  2. PLEASE! +9001
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  3. Aikar be like
    "More health and faster? Noooo problem!"
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  4. This isn't much of a problem for me personally. I just use my sword to knock them back and my bow to keep them back. When battling Momentus, that's when they are a problem for me. So, nerfing them might not be too bad.
  5. I don't see them as any issue. Although, I don't believe I've gone mob hunting at all without god armor so that may be why I don't take much damage?
  6. Mob arena last night )_)
    I got hit by one in full iron (don't judge)
    Normally I can take a couple hits from them, but i got one-hitted.
  7. They are supposed to be difficult, they are like mini mini bosses
  8. My god about time someone says this im stuck in a cornor with 3 sets of god armor when they span 50 enraged and what do they all do... They track me like y not anyone else so I got all my armor wrecked and was stuck in the cornor for 15 minutes :/ +90000 :D
  9. When you have full god armor, resistance and regen and try to eat a god apple only to get the "you died" message, thats a problem.
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  10. a fix would be giving them less health, the damage isnt that bad even unarmored but it takes forever to kill them naked
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  11. most of the deaths in mob arena are from them and no one fights, health isnt the problem
  12. Im just going to guess you died in MA today? xD
  13. i won boss arena ;D
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  14. Oh ;)
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  15. The enraged in the MA's are just wretched and horrifying. Encountered one with a diamond sword ENCHANTED on sunday and died with 3 hits with regen/golden apples/potions.
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  16. :O its over 9000

    +0 from bro, i think they are fine
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  17. he died once ;)
  18. you werent attacked by them, so you wouldnt know
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  19. that may be true, lol but ive fought them before :D
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  20. The cow spawns these in full diamond amour in huge amounts. As if you are going to kill them, the normal enraged zombie you find in the wild i can kill easily in full iron with a knock back sword.
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