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  1. On SMP1 we were having a fun time asking each other chemistry questions. So I decided everyone else should join the fun! Ask a question, and have people figure it out! (IF they know how) If anyone has questions, such as younger players, feel free to ask! Here is a question to start you off (Stoichiometry)

    1. Phosphorous, P4, burns in oxygen to form diphosphorous pentaoxide.
    a. Write and balance a chemical equation representing this chemical reaction.
    b. How many moles of diphosphorous pentaoxide are formed by the combustion of 3.25 moles of P4?
  2. Can you explain the basics of Chemistry to me? :p
  3. Good hahah! lets see what people come up with.
  4. Chemistry deals with the composition and properties of substances, although there is a lot more to it
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  5. think of it as potion brewing in minecraft :rolleyes:
  6. a) P4+10 O -> 2 P2O5
    b) havent learnt that stuff yet
    c) idk.... ^
  7. Okayy so what you want to do now that you have that balanced and written, is find out how many moles of diphosphorus pentoxide you have. Do you know how many?
  8. Nope. and by moles im assuming you mean molecules? if so im guessing around.... 2?
  9. COME ON! This isn't fair! I don't take Honors Chem 1 till next year!
  10. Moles are mass unit. It is 6.022x10^23 of whatever unit you are using to measure. So yes you are correct when you say two. Because the number in front of the Solution is the number of moles :)
  11. *Watches awesome looking thread.*
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  12. Dont have it at all, I might be lucky to learn this next year in year 11 Assuming my dumb year can manage simple chem.
  13. yay! first part still abit unclear but i think i get the general idea
  14. Okayy, say you have umm, 20 molecules of a substance. To get to moles of that substance, you are going to multiply 20 by 6.022 x 10^23
  15. lol
  16. ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I get it now :)
  17. so b) would equal to 2x3.25x 10^23?????????????????
  18. Ok, so now you have your moles figured out. Question 2 asks how many moles of P2O5 are produced when 3.25 moles of P4 combusts with oxygen. So we know that we have 3.25 moles of P4. So now what we want to do is find a way to get moles of P2O5 by itself. There is a thing called a mole map which can help you with this:

    Ok so we have Moles of substance 1. We want to get to moles of substance 2. This is done by using something called a stoich ratio. A stoich ratio in this case is moles substance/moles of substance 2 which looks something like this

    So now it is like a division problem. Multiply 3.25 by 2 and divide by one :)
  19. Ok, so that would be 6.5?
  20. Yup. :)