[Neo Republic][guide] So...you want to start a shop in the NR, do ya?

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Would you start a shop in NR

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  1. Well, you have just clicked on the tread that explains the ups and downs of the NR shop's. Running a shop in the wild poses unique challenges over town. For one, you just cant let your shop sit their, you half to actually sit behind the counter, or pay someone to sit behind the counter for you.

    Also, the question of greffers, among many other variables that make it next (but not quite) impossible to make any money. But, if you are interested, and own a small business, or want to start one, moving or opening a branch in the Neo Republic can be a rewarding task, and, you will be a part of the larges social, political, and economic experiment in EMC, and possibly, the entire miencraft network!

    So, are you in...i will give you some space to turn around if not....

    Ok, cool, you are in. First, you need to set up a business plan. This is how you will achieve your goals. You need to select a type of shop to open, here are a few we are in desperate need of:

    Over all genial store : you just sell basic goods

    Bulk item shop : sells bulk cobble, stone bricks, dirt, and wood among other items.

    Redstone shop : sells redstone components, and possibly, basic redstoen contraptions.

    Redstone contraption shop : sells and designs large redstoen contraptions and gadgets.

    Food markets : self explanatory

    Tool/armor shop : Sells all tools and armor.

    Builder supply : sells building supply, specializes in one type of building style, lie modern, or rustic.

    Other fun shops to have around town:

    Fire works shop : sells fireworks

    Record shop : Sells music disks, and all things music.

    Rare item/oddity shop : Just sells random and collectible items.

    Ok, next off, is your shop. Chose a city you think will attract the most customers, and contact that cites plantain directer. They will get you a lot to build. Be careful to follow the area's building code.

    We recommend setting up a counter, and sings on the walls as displays. you can build your house on top of/ or under your shop if it is allowed in the city.

    Ok, on to stock. You need to gather a large amount of Neroe, the currency of NR. Although predominate in NR, it can be accepted at any shop, anywhere. To see how the Neroe works, see 72 Volts explanation here. Keep these in a safe place.

    Now, gather or buy the stock you need to "fill your shelves". This is what you will sell. About as basic as you are gonna get. Get plenty of these items, and keep them on hand. You never know the an admin who shall not be name finally completes his life goal, and destroy the EMC town economy, and everyone come to NR to buy stuff.

    Now you are set, just open your doors, and wait for someone to say "i need (insert whatever you sell) ", and jump on it. Welcome to the future of MC.
  2. We've abolished the Neore, actually. But good plan ^_^
  3. Also, it is not finished. It will be soon :)
  4. I hope they add shop signs in the wild like they have in town, it would make wild cities more economic.
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  5. How about a brewery, I am in the middle of building one at the moment, it's work in progress. This is a good guide! :)
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  6. I shall add that into the list
  7. If you want I can come up with an NR price list that lists the price of each item or do you want to stick to whatever it is in town?