Neighbour's farms causing severe lag.

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  1. My brother's res, 12775, has a neighbour who owns about 200+ sheep. I run optifine and get 2fps whenever I go near it. I have the better PC, too. My brother cannot build on his res with all these sheep. Any help?
  2. PM the owner of the res, or take a mod/admin in over this, I know how annoying it is when the res next to you has alot of animals :D
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  3. If He Doesnt Have A Big Res Maybe Move?
  4. He has the smaller res. 12775's house is fairly large.
  5. I sense another silence of the lambs! PM IcecreamCow, he loves dealing with extra sheep;)
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  6. You think 200+ is much? I recently (about 2 hours ago) hit an area with just over 1100 entities. With optifine, that's an average of about 0 fps. Yes, ZERO fps. Before anyones gonna rant about this, yes, i PM'ed ICC.

    Edit: I forgot to add that /town or any other tp-command doesn't work anymore with that amount of lag, so i can't use that server as of now.
  7. Well, just sayin, you wouldnt be able to play at all if your average fps was 0, since you would have to start with zero and constantly be zero or you would have to have negative fps numbers... But it is a total pain in the butt to not be able to get onto a server because someone doesnt have the decency to have a reasonable amount of animals..
  8. Oh look its the ultra rare caps at each the begining of each word!
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  9. I log on. i start with 1 or 2 second lag free. Then it gets down to zero, with an rare spike to something like 3fps for half a second which allows me to escape from the server. Or i just wait till i get some message about the software kicking me.
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  10. Probably best to PM Icecreamcow about that, it's generally the best way to get it sorted out. :)
  11. in my opinion its ok to have a few sheep.. but this.. is OVERKILL.. its the same with chickens.. they breed so quickly and lay eggs constantly and that causes lag.. Stupid thing is eggs are worthless now.. People don't make farms for the same reason.. the server is laggy because of people's thoughtlessness about lag.. If you have a chicken farm or sheep farm.. Keep it to a minimum :)
  12. Wow sheep goes "Baaaaaaaa" which makes it annoying!!!
  13. I reduced this particular petting zoo to a more manageable number, it should alleviate the lag issue for you. :)
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  14. 100th comment for me woot
  15. Well I do actually have a rather large sheep farm... Probably when it is done over 2000 sheep... Could I have a mod come see if it's allowed? I'm at 9088 on SMP4. For me it does not cause any extra lag because I'm using optimize and have to 'load no viewable blocks' set to false. This means I don't load the sheep inless I can see them and all my sheep are underground!
  16. I fell you friend, my nieghbor has hundreds of chickens, it makes others lag a ton. I don't lag much, but it's a huge inconvienience for visitors and customers. Anyway, I hope your problem gets solved.
  17. I agree, i have a res (that i am moving out of :p) that was having huge lag due to neighbors with massive sheep farms, my res/house was really basic and had no animals, so it was a huge inconvinience aswell
  18. my computer can handal that!!!!
    tho it cant handle my egg farm so i eggified alot of chikens