Negative Rupees?

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  1. So I was checking out the site and I noticed my rupees were this

    I didn't even know it was possible to owe rupees?
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  2. how did you even
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  3. I knew I was low on money but not this low..
  4. This is because of a bug with the rupee history last night.
    As soon as you get a transaction, it will show your correct balance again
  5. Thanks alot, I was worried I was going to get emc arrested or something
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  6. lol
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  7. I must have secretly stolen all your rupees in my sleep:
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  8. I think the site is drunk:
    (he only commented once :p)
  9. Drunk? Did the site drink too much beer, whine, or whisky?
  10. Ethy, please. Get in the Christmas spirit. It obviously had too much eggnog!
  11. Spiked punch at the staff holiday meeting ;)
  12. ya mine some how doubled (from 9k to 18k) over the night?
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  13. lol. It must be a bit bugging for some people.
    try buying dirt for one r or something xD
  14. Go Home SYSTEM, you're drunk.
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  15. My mind, has just been blow...
  16. I'm going to later :p
  17. the site got desynced from the main database.... essentially many previous rupee transactions got reran causing it to change balance.

    This DOES NOT impact your actual rupee balance, just the amount displayed.

    I put in a code change last night that will automatically fix it soon as you send or receive money, so simply go in game and buy something and this will trigger your site display to get the correct amount (Notice the value in your logs is still correct, its just the "current amount" that is off)
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  18. Most of this I assumed and wasn't worry, I mainly found it funny and as a joke, but thanks for clearing things up for others who may not have understood
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