Needing Wither Skulls. Offer your trades

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  1. I need Wither Skulls, what do you want for them? Thats all I need to know, and I can trade with you, jsut comment below. I have quite a few stacks of Lapis blocks if you need :p Also A Half used Ore Buster
  2. I have one somewhere id trade for the ore buster (I renamed it a while ago)
  3. I'd need more then One :p I was thiking maybe 9
  4. How much lapis do you have?
  5. I could give you 9 for 30k. (I have more if you want more)
  6. How many stacks of lapis blocks?
    Also, how used is the orebuster, and how many skulls do you want for it?
  7. Okay guys I have 3 and half stacks of Lapis Blocks. I also have the Ore Buster which is 916 out of 1561