[Needing]Lava Runners

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  1. I am currently in need of a TON of lava. I will need probably 1000ish buckets. I need someone that can go out and collect all this lava and place it in predetermined chests. The final Payment will be between 10-15k. I will supply buckets you can go anywhere you want to collect the lava. If there is 2 people willing to do the job and split the pay that can be arranged too.(Can be many people if they can work it out)
  2. i can dew it, where do we pick up the bukkits?
  3. If you want 2 workers or bite dont wanna do it, i will lol.
  4. Just don't make lava walls :p
  5. gimme teh bukkits
  6. I will be sending a PM to both of you.
  7. but...i wanna dew it
  8. That is enough to lava wall the wilds of 4 servers...I feel I should ask the mods to keep an eye on you ;)
  9. That joke is getting old.
  10. It is a fundamental law that lava walls are always relevant. So no, it is not. :D
  11. No, you're just beating a dead horse.

  12. :eek:
    This is funny because that is a pony and you said "beating a dead horse"
    ._. laugh.
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  13. Why you need so much lava, Wittlewizard? I have that left over 500ish buckets from the last time you needed lava if you run short. Just let me know.