Needing a mob farm

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  1. Well,
    I need a mob farm

    You can sell me it for any price under 15k
  2. Not many information?
    What do you mean by a mob farm?
  3. A mob farm is a xp farm witch allows you to get xp,any kind of hostile mob, Skeltion,Zombie or Spider
  4. Lol I thought you meant pig or cow farm:p
    You need a spawner for this?
  5. There's 3 kinds of farms, spawner farms, dark room mob farms and crop farms!

  6. I have some mob spawners (1 zombie 1 spider) I will sell you for 5K each.
  7. Darn, i sell mine for 15.001k
  8. 15,001? Thats ok
  9. Why didnt u come to me . I specialize in makeing them