[Needing] 2 Player Statues

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  1. Hello

    I'm looking for somebody to build 2 player statue for me.
    The statues would be of may alts and will be built on my res.
    I would like for this to be done promptly with their own materials and will pay good money to do so.
    If you can do this or you know someone who might, please mention below.

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  2. Hey Rainbow, would you mind posting the name of the alts so I can have an idea of the materials, size etc.?
    I might be able to do it :D
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  4. hello rainbowchin i can do the job i have built my own player statue at 8611 i think it went well, it isnt finished because my hair is hard to make but i can do the job
  5. Okay, but I'll see what Metheus says as he did reply first :)
  6. I'm finishing building them, will upload pictures as soon as possible
  7. You should take dat xmas hat off chin.
  8. Ok, so here's what I got:

    Aikarias is 10x16x32, I'm not exactly satisfied with Max's mask, so if you wanna change that just tell me.
    ForumUser is 9x16x32, pretty simple skin, didn't have much trouble.
    Tell me what you think :D
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  9. Bonus duck skin because why not
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  10. Derp yeah, I'll put my regular skin back on later
    Okay, looks great :)
    The size doesn't bother me, as long as the feet are 8x16, (I have that space marked out) but I'm guessing they are

    When do you think you can start building?
    (As I said, I'll be encouraged to pay a bit more if made quickly :))
  11. The feet are 4x8 actually, I can change the size if you wish.
    It'll take me a few minutes/hours to get all the materials, and it will depend a lot on the stock of the shops, but I think they'll be done in 1-2 days
  12. Ah yeah, I did mean 4x8 anyways, got confused there
    1-2 days is fine, let me when you need perms etc. plus I'll need to show where they're going etc.