NEEDED: Residence Digger

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  1. Hey, I need somebody to dig out whats left of my residence which is alot. You can check it out and make a price for me at 8700, I will not supply shovels.
  2. Become a Diamond Supporter
    Buy TnT
  3. So I profit from spending money for Diamond supporter and buying TNT?
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  4. Yes because being a Diamond gets you a ton of money. You buy some Tnt and blow up under your res. I Blew up the under of my res with only around 8 stacks. Wayyyyy cheaper then paying a staff like 60k... or a player 10k. See what I mean?
  5. I'll do it for little or no money at all really, I need something to cure my boredom anyway :p
    SMP4 right?
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  6. SMP4 8700 Yes, you have build perms and only you :)