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  1. I'm currently working on a head museum, but pvp and dying don't yield enough heads for it to be worth asking random people in-game.

    For my museum, I need 3 of a head for it to be displayed (find my organizer chests and museum on my res to see why).
    My head holds 18 unique heads for each letter in the alphabet. It will also hold a total of 12 unique heads that start with a number or symbol.

    The only letter done as of now is the letter A.
    I have many heads of other letters, but mostly I only have 1 of each, which is 2 short for display.

    If you wish to donate heads, I have hoppers set up on my res. Just turn left when you spawn in. Make sure to wait for all the heads to go into the hopper.
    If you wish to trade 1:1 heads instead, I have two DCs on my res that you can see when you spawn in. Those are my extra heads. If you want some and want to trade, either send me a forum message or mail me a book&quill naming which heads you want, and I'll set up an [access] chest for you. I will put the heads you requested in there and you are to leave at least the same amount of heads for me to take.

    And finally, if you wish to see the museum, walk into my unfinished house, turn left, keep going until you go down the stairs and then fall into the hole. As you will see, the walls, ceiling, and outer ring of the floor are unfinished. This is because I'm still getting quartz. You can also donate quartz via the donation chests. Any quartz block (regular, pillar, chiselled) as well as quartz pieces (and stairs and slabs) are appreciated. I'll be using them all.
  2. I'll try and kill my Alts enough to get a head or two
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  3. Bump.

    Doesn't matter if you can't donate 3 at a time. I may already have 1 or 2 of the head. So please help ^^;
  4. Bump. I'll make a thread for my actual museum once it's more complete. ... No, once it's complete with everything except all the heads >.>
  5. Bump.
    This doesn't seem to a very effective method of gathering attention...
  6. Ill be setting up a chest later tonight with a preview sign for my head collection. All the heads are for you to have. Ill PM you when I get it set up :)
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    This is the last bump before closing thread. Asking in-game or pvping seems to be more effective.
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