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  1. I just started building my second gold farm because something came up and I need more gold. It is one hell of a project by myself and I need this gold in a few weeks for a project. I need a "helper" someone who can slab the area while I work, dig out areas for me, do the grunt work more or less. I need a helper that can do this while I build the farm itself and then I can help slab and such.

    We will split the gold 60/40 at the beginning until I reach my goal of the amount of gold I need, then you, the helper will get the majority of the gold.

    The gold farm is on Smp3, I have started to build the area where it will go and built the cage for it. The trap will be an AFK farm where the pigs fall into a crusher system and die from a crusher on a hopper timer. ( Doing the crusher instead of a drop system for the wither skeleton update by Aikar. )

    I will supply the supplies for the farm and slabbing, but it wouldn't be bad if you could bring a DC of cobble or stone or something to help.

    I have no idea of confirming what the rates will be for the farm since we are a bukkit server and other people in the nether affects the rates as well, looking to get a DC of gold blocks from about 3-4 days of AFK'ing at the farm.

    Preferably I would like you to be a supporter and be able to map hide or be map hidden already.

    Any questions ask on here, if you are interested in the position PM me.
  2. I will work. I just don't have supporter "yet"
  3. I could just let them not follow me...
  4. I can't guarantee you the position then, because I would rather have someone start today or ASAP. If anyone else applies who fits the position I will take them.
  5. Hmmm, how much gold will this pay off per hour, supplies supplied? needs more info!
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  7. Why are you not building this next to your Wither Skeleton farm where it is already slabbed, Samsim? At the most you would only need to slab out a little farther on one side instead of doing it all over again.
  8. I need to be able to AFK at 2 farms with my alt and this account to get enough gold, so 2 separate locations
  9. So you build a second or third tower 20 blocks over and extend your slabbing out correspondingly. I don't understand why it has to be two completely distinct areas. Are you afraid of some sort of paradox if you happen to see your alt?
  10. I was waiting for no one to reply LOL
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  11. I can help you. :) I have a two week holiday now, so I've got lots of spare time, and I'm already hided on the livemap.
  12. Is it the nether portal design or just a tripwire and piston design? If it is the portal design, i can sell you some obsidian.
  13. Considering it's in the nether...
  14. why do you have to point out my mistakes? I just have lost my reading ability today.
  15. Hello, I'm wondering if you still want gold?
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  16. I can help. Im getting supporter tomorrow.