Need your help, My mall

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Should I rebuild my mall to make it easier to access?

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Yes 1 vote(s) 50.0%
No 1 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. Hello guys as my signature says I run a mega mall on Smp5 I am getting towards the end to finishing it and I feel as if the mall Is a bit hard to navigate through (Colored blocks section) So I need your opinion on whether I should keep the mall or build a new one. Also need feedback from you smp5 players :D
    EDIT: To see the mall it's 11005 on SMP5 :D
  2. I will try come and take a look later when I get back from work.
  3. Okay, thanks. Not sure if I'm rebuilding or just going to improve the system
  4. The best thing is to open and let ppl get used to the layout some ppl will always need help finding things so don't let that put you off.
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  5. The colored blocks section could be better, but the mall as a whole is excellent. The entrance is probably the easiest to navigate on EMC that I've seen so far, no joke. Like Silken said, I think you should go ahead and open. If you come up with a better way of setting up the colored blocks section, you can always implement it later.
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  6. I think your shops has a nice unique look to it, Goreman. I would hate to see you re-do it after all the work you have obviously put into it.

    In general, I dislike having to do multiple teleports, a lot of reading, or having to run a long way. I think if your sections are organized in a logical way most people will be able to figure out where stuff is without a lot of searching. I prefer displays that make it obvious what is for sale from a distance, so that means blocks displays rather than frames. An easy way to get back to the TP's is good too.

    I don't really have any big complaints for your place. Although you are using frames and signs, you are organized well and the aisles were done in such a way so that you are moving in front of the dislays.

    Some things I can see that you could improve:
    - I noticed that your Residence TP is set a ways back from the shop TP's. It might be better to move it a bit closer to the TP's since we are heading for those anyway.

    - The section TP's are close together and can only be read from one side. I strafed side to side to read them all. A TP method I have seen done that I like is kind of a doorway with items in frames around the door frame. I like this better than signs since you can see them from farther away, from different angles, and can tell at a glance exactly what to expect in that section. It makes it easier to hit the right pressure plate if you are lagging.

    - In Colored Blocks I can pretty easily see that it is organized with the Wool along the left wall, Glass to the right, and Clay in the center displays. You could maybe use a message for that section or sign at the landing point to point the way. Something like: <-- Wool & Dyes and Colored Glass -->

    - You might also consider separating the Colored Blocks section in order to spread the displays out better. Maybe Wools and Dyes together and a separate area for Clay and Glass. Another idea you might consider is simply selling Glass, Clay, and Dye and letting people craft their own colored glass and clay.

    - To get back to the TP's from the Colored Blocks section you have to either /v 11005 or by climbing your chests and jumping. I usually find jumping the easiest in open designs like yours. Splitting this section into two separate ones would also allow you to make this section more like the others where the inside area is open.

    And I agree with SilkenThread and SuperEskimo. Open your doors and work on things as you see they need improvement.
  7. I would also cap your chests with dirt blocks if your buying as well as selling unless you have a bucket load of rupees.
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  8. Alternatively, couldn't he just make sure the chests are completly stocked before adding buy/sell signs? Of course, you still have to keep a pretty large stock of rupees once you earn some.
  9. Very nice shop I don't see a problem, I think you have done a great job