Need to buy stuff plz!!

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Gemini9, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Hey guys I made this thread because I need to buy materials such has red stone or iron if u have a good cheap shop or a mall with lots of cheap items plz post here, I will visit as much of them as I can (also I will be paying people to build red stone contraptions PM me for details). Promos would also be nice, as long as their under 10 k ( that's how much I have under 10k)
  2. Yo I can get you loads of iron. 1r each
  3. WHOAAA thx way res number (maybe can't check it out today maybe tommorow
  4. ... Nobody wants to advertise their res to me here XD
  5. Try going on servers and doing /v +shop . You can sometimes find a shop with cheap items.
  6. Rlly?? That's cool never knew but how does that help
  7. I sell iron. If you want a res, 16139 has iron for sale. Otherwise if you are going to buy in bulk, my signature contains a link to my iron selling thread.
    Hope this helps :)