Need tech help (again)

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  1. I just received my new laptop. When I did a trial run in single player my fps were 20 or less. The bar graph at the bottom was red and almost at the top of the screen.

    I downloaded Magic launcher and Optifine. The optifine that I downloaded was for multicore processors. It stated download 1 and download 2. I've downloaded both and put them (unziped) in magic launcher. End result = no improvement. Help please.
  2. I don't know where your problem is originating, all I know is that my computer is almost 3 years old, so this free program helps me run Minecraft:

    What it does is is turns off everything your computer doesn't need to run a certain game to save CPU power. As soon as you try to use something that has been turned off though, it turns on automatically.
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  3. I had performance improve significantly in Minecraft once I updated my display drivers. How you do that depends a lot on what hardware you have, though, so I can't really help you specifically. Usually you go to your manufacturer's website and look for updates to your computer model.
  4. Correct :)

    My old laptop came without drivers for the graphic card so it didn't exist in Windows until I installed the right ones :)
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  5. If it is a new laptop, it is more than likely a 64bit OS (guessing), and if it is also a new install of MC and Java, maybe the 32-bit version of Java was installed (the default when you visit
    I have a 64bit OS, and when Java isntalled it gave me a 32 bit version and the performance was horrible. Once I manually selected the 64bit bit to download form the game ran amazingly.

    Just alot of speculating, but you may want to check that out if my assumptions were correct. Hope it helps.
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  6. Its brand new? so you need to check if you pc is running windows 7 64 bit, if so you need to visit the java website and search for "java offline install 64 bit" (I would link but im not sure as to what the rules are to exe files being linked)

    once you get that installed along with the multicore version of optifine you will find its rip roaringly fast....

    I hope this helps
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  7. Sorry aubringer, I did not see your post as I had opened this and then got distracted with other things...
  8. evidently I already had 64 bit java. i re installed it anyhow, it didn't work. I don't get it, my laptop has an i5 processor dual core. Windows 7. :(
  9. Try updating your drivers Like alexshrod said, and if that doesn't work, try Game Booster.
  10. The drivers have been updated. Could it be a graphics card issue? Intel HD graphics family 1.77 gb
  11. Check the performance on your laptop and game optimize your laptop so it runs just for what mc wants
  12. Are you sure you installed optifine right?
  13. No. I'm never sure of anything PC related.
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  14. Macs are really strong, i have one of those
  15. It is indeed the graphics card. Believe it or not Minecrafts required specs is almost the same as Modern Warfare 2's specs (to run minecraft at its full potential without any mods such as OptiFine). Not only do you need a good processor and ram but you also need a good graphics processor. Updating it might help, not too sure it would, so if you have Windows 7 or Vista go to Start>Control Panel>System and Security>System(Device Manager)>Display Drivers>Right click the graphic card your computer is using>Update Driver. It should update it but if the update fails(as in your Minecraft still lags), your computer might not be designed to be a gaming computer.
  16. At first glance I wouldn't have believed MC was so demanding. I am going to contact my pc guy in the morning. A new graphics card may not help? Or just updating the one I have?
  17. So sad to say that you cannot upgrade your laptops graphic card, you can only upgrade a few things in a laptop. Laptops are sacrificing power for mobility.
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  18. That's why you buy a macbook
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  19. Don't start this again... Never... ever... compare Macs to PC's
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  20. Lol
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