Need support with my internet connection.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by 72Volt, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. I'm trying to use an O2 3G dongle with my laptop as an alternative to broadband, because it doesn't have the capacity for me and my brother to use it at the same time.

    I'm using the Sierra AirCard Watcher as a driver for the dongle, but when I try to load Google on Chrome with the 3G connection, it doesn't work, despite how the watcher says it's connected. I'm assuming this is a problem between my browser and the dongle.

    Do I need to change the proxy settings? What would be the best course of action in this situation?
    A quick answer would be appreciated, I'm on the broadband connection to type this, and my brother is not going to be happy.
  2. I'm aware, I just have no alternative.
    I don't believe the dongle is compatible with those drivers, it's specifically a Sierra dongle only compatible with the Watcher I've got. The dongle is working, the Watcher is working, I just need to know how to configure it with Chrome.
  3. Is it just chrome that's not working?
  4. Internet Explorer also.
  5. Can you access Minecraft?