Need someone to supply our wild base.

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  1. We live in a jungle and food is pretty scarce. The spawn is about a 10 minute boat ride and a pain to go to town to vault supplies. We are on SMP2 and need some essentials from a reliable trader, every RL 2 days. We need:
    • Coal
    • Food(any)
    • seeds of any kind.
    PM me or motomonster252 and set your own price.
  2. If you cannot provide for yourself in the wild, consider going back to town. ;)
  3. For seeds, bonemeal grass, break tall grass, collect seeds when they drop. Start planting wheat and when you harvest the wheat, you'll get even more seeds, so eventually 1 or 2 seeds will become an entire field of wheat. Solving your seeds and food issue. Coal? Get saps, make a tree farm. Burn logs, get charcoal.
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  4. Or.... Just dig into the ground o.o

    The point of living in the wild is to prove you don't need town to supply you materials, that you can work for everything you need on your own....

    Step 1 of rooting yourself in the wild is protection. Securing the location, building shelter, lighting up the entire area.
    Step 2 is food.... you should of "Came out" to the wild with a good initial stock of food.
    Step 3 is storage. You need place to store your items.

    Then start digging, build up more supplies, put in chest. Any sort of serious mining will give you tons of coal.

    Step 4 is farms. Animal farms, wheat farms. Get the food resupplying before your initial supply runs out.
    Wheat is a good first step since its renewable, and also feeds renewing animal farms.

    I'ma try to get my guide up today, but build a huge wheat farm.

    Wheat grows quickly now and can grow to full in like 15 minutes. Just plant a ton then sit on it and harvest

    Go to town once to get some "initial" supplies then be done with town.

    Both times of starting my colony, I landed, plopped down a bunch of unorganized chests, lit the area up good, built a wall, then started the animal farms and wheat farms.

    Once you got a steady food source, and IMPORTANTLY: Set your bed out at your new location and sleep in it, your now ready to do what ever and start building
  5. Even though Aikar said otherwise, i would be willing to deliver stuff.
  6. XD I didn't mean to say noone should, just was telling him he really should try to push to live on his own. Especially when the items hes asking for are the easiest things to get on your own.

    The only real things I bought from town was Gold Ingots as harder to find them in bulk mining since rarer, and Slime Balls.
  7. I know this is true, but our area has already been mined out and the trees are mostly gone because of people that passed through, and we need a LOT of coal to light up the entire area, and make stone bricks for the dam and wall. Seeds we need stacks and stacks of, and in a jungle most of it is covered in leaves. There aren't many farm animals so we need food.

    I will add gold ingots and slime balls to the list.
  8. OH MAN...any time I hear slime's I stop whatever I'm doing and go dig for them. Some pretty exciting times from those flurry digs! :p
  9. haha i can't find slimes :(
  10. but it is very easy to live out in the wild and collect stuff from scratch
  11. then maybe you should consider going out farther?
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  12. True, but we already have like 6 nice looking buildings and have not been grieved AT ALL. i will go out farther to mine.
  13. i build all my wild houses underground :p one of them i right near wild spawn :p
  14. Do what i did to get coal: Make a mine out of a old mine. I got 40 coal in 30min by challenging someone to a mining contest. I won cause i made my own mine. It's really good to make your own also :)
  15. I didn't understand a word you just said.
  16. Dig your own mine.
  17. Thats kinda what I'm doing.
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