Need Some Naming Help!

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  1. Hello EMCians...
    I have come to ask you for help naming an RPG me and a friend are developing for a separate website. We have racked our brains for one and cannot for the life of our selves come up with one.
    So here's the basic premise:

    On a planet very much like our own humans have nearly destroyed their planet. They did this when experimental portal technology accidentally tapped the one plane they never wanted to get near.
    Demons were unleashed and ravaged the planet. During the war the governments of the world called upon their space colonies to send all of their people back to help.
    By the time they reached Eradon (the planet) Demons had killed every living being on it.
    Now these people begin the slow process of rebuilding by living in a wasteland created by dark magics.
    These magics have also created and altered their animals to much more dangerous evolutions.

    Any name suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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  2. Dark Antinomy
    For the version of antinomy I'm using read into Kant a little bit.
  3. Can we keep the name suggestions coming EMC? :)
  4. I really tried to think of something. I'll brainstorm more when I get home from work
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  5. Demons unleashed

    Eradons domination
  6. Just eradon maybe?

    Some other suggestions:

    Alternate Dark

    Eradons Darkness

    Grasp of light

    Shifting Shadows...

    I will add if I get more
  7. The Grips of Eradon
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  8. These are great guys keep them coming!!!!!
  9. Eradon: Hell Unleashed
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  10. This is more than I hoped for!
  11. Attack of Obama.
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  13. Taking It Back
  14. Eradon: Last Grip of Humanity
    "Grip" could probably be replaced with a more fitting word...
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  15. It all makes sense now....
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  16. Do you plan on making multiple RPG's with this theme?
    If so, I'd go with something like this:
    Eradon: Terrors from the Deep
    Eradon: Grip of Death
    Stuff like that.
    If its stand-alone, I'd go with something like this:
    Black Sky
    Terrors Unleashed
    My opinion ^-^
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  17. As of right now one.
  18. Eradon: The Beginning
    Eradon: Last Hope
    Eradon: Darkness Ascend
    Eradon: Evolution
    Eradon: Rebirth (idk don't ask :p)
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  19. Who said anything about hope?