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  1. So I don't think this is so serious that I need to seek medical help yet, but it does worry me.

    Lately I've been feeling really empty and just bored with everything that I used to love doing, at first I thought it was depression and I went to my doctor with it. They put me back on my antidepressants to be on the safe side, but it hasn't really changed anything.

    If it continues I'll be going back, but I want your opinions on what it might be or what I could do to help it.
  2. It sounds like you are in a rut. It happens to everyone. Sometimes it takes weeks to feel back in your groove, but it's not to much to worry about. Try something different for a bit. When I get in a rut, I read or start a project of some sort. Find something new for a while and your mind kinda resets and the things that make you bored right now will gain their luster back.
  3. *claps*
  4. Maybe you need a new game to play? When I get into slumps they usually include what you listed, I try a new game. A good 9/10 times it fixes me up and when I get bored of it my old games become interesting again.

    It could also still be depression, and those antidepressants do not work for your body.

    Either way, it's a good start that you're seeking out help to try and change how you feel.
  5. Have you tried to do new things, that you have not done yet?
    Sometimes remembering the small steps, like taking a moment to think of the things you want out of life, and taking steps towards them helps a ton.

    The thing that has helped me a ton... meditation.
    Loads of info for that, so google/youtube some simple steps.
    Don't knock it till you try it.
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  6. This happened to me too recently, I got over it eventually.
  7. I did a 1 year-period research about depression. due to it, i know that sometimes antidepressants may not work on the patient because each different person's depression is different. there are also alternative treatments for it that are somewhat expensive(i think), but i do know a alternative treatment which is exercising(both mind and body). If you want to see out legitimate research paper with real information(not from wikipedia), PM me! ill gladly share it with u! Also, it may not be depression, so i also suggest getting a variety of thought(don't know how to phrase is) in your head, so try out new things such as:
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  8. I suggest Birding, A few months before I joined EMC, a lot of things just seemed Meh, So I went outside, I started to become Interested in the Birds, so I began to try Identifying them, then It evolved into Photography, It was really fun seeing new species, Trying to Photograph em Best I could.
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  9. Just try not to become addicted to antidepressants. Hang out with your friends, watch movies, go have fun! Don't destroy a billboard, but paint something in an aqueduct or something. (If you do this, I had nothing to do with it. :D)
  10. If I would be you I would go on a vacation. It makes a big difference.
  11. Don't know if you live by the ocean, but I suggest trying Scuba.
    It may seem scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, you would see a lot of stuff you would never be able to see on land.
    It is like you are transported to a different world.

    Also, like stated above try some photography. Doesn't matter if you are great at it or not, but once you get, "The Picture," You will feel like a champion.

    There is geocaching, which takes you all over the place, and you can get some cool things that people put in caches they found.

    Finally, try model rockets. You and Ethan can just go out to the park and launch them out for an hour or so.

    If you need any information on a specific topic, feel free to message me in-game or PM on the forums.
  12. I would try new things and just leave the old ones alone for a while. Eventually you will most likely find intrest again in the thing you became bored of.
  13. Finding the right anti-depressant that works for you is a lot harder than it seems. There are a lot of different prescriptions out there, some that are used off-label (i.e. the drug's primary usage is not as an anti-depressant, but it has been found to work that way in some people). Talk with your parents and your doctor and perhaps try a few different prescriptions over the course of a couple of months, sometimes the difference is night and day, and when you find "the one," it's like a haze has been lifted.

    And as others have already said, try something new, be it a different game, a new hobby, or simply just taking a walk outside. I'm a big music guy, so stick an earbud in and go for a walk or a jog or a bike ride, chill on a bench at a park, wander through some woods... sometimes simple "boring" things can break you out of a funk.
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  14. This is not advice nor do I think it's helping.

    Anyways, back on topic. As krysyy said, this feeling occurs to many people. I suggest you try out something new, like a new game, go somewhere you haven't already. And of course, enjoy your time while doing so!
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  15. Not really getting into this (no offense) but do have one question/comment: what season are you guys currently in? Because do not underestimate what a season change can do to you sometimes. Especially when you go from summer into autumn into winter.
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  16. Everyone has different personalities. I can only say what I do when a "funk" sets in, and my usual remedies for it don't work.

    I take on a "challenge". Sometimes, it's a challenge I figure out for myself. Sometimes, I'll call one of my best friends or my sister and get them to come up with one. It can be anything from easy to hard. To date, I've mastered various recipes, learned to (badly) waltz, read all 3 of the books in the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson, did a once a week sketch thing for a year, walked outside by myself of 20 minutes every day for 3 months, learned XSLT, painted pottery one time, etc. It can be anything. It just has to have a measurable goal that can equal "I did it". I failed at some of them, but I still went and did the challenge. I can't waltz worth crud as one example lol. That's ok though; the fun is in pursuing it, not "winning". Some challenges took 30 minutes. Others took a whole year.

    Different things work for different people. That's what works for me, and I have fun with them. Luck!
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  17. Everyone seems to have a similar idea and perhaps it's right for you - try something different, challenge yourself perhaps, or take a break to do something fun. You'll get to feel something different and that may help you to feel a bit better. If I feel a bit bored with everything then I try to do something different, or even something simple like starting a new TV series... We all work in different ways but it's worth a shot, everyone will find different things that will get them back into their groove :)
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  18. This happens to me also, but then video games creeped into my life. That was a pun because it was minecraft e_e;

    Aside from that, how I got over it was go outside and soak in the fresh air, but if you live in the city, then that won't work well. I live where there are loads of trees so I get some nice, cool fresh air. And I take advantage of it by riding my bike thinking about things that make me wonder more. I think you should do that. But that is for depression. What you have isn't depression (I think :p). You just overdid yourself with all the things you loved, and since you did it too much, it is beginning to seem like a broken record where you do it over and over again and it gets boring. What I suggest for this is to try things that are new, Maybe 3D animating or Game coding. Or maybe do more EMC, since the empire never gets old. I have done things that made me excited, but then 2 years later I would be like "Okay, i'm gonna do something else now, i'm bored" and I go do it. If you think it is depression, that's fine. But mind you in your OP you stated:
    Depression means feelings in severe despondency and dejection : A long severe recession in an economy or market. But you just got very bored with what you love to do and you can just move on and do something else new or old that still makes you happy. Or maybe just go on smp8, sit back, relax, listen to music while you watch the humors of smp8 make you laugh.
  19. I suggest spending a bit of time contemplating your navel for a bit. If something is bothering you, you can get it off your mind. One of the best ways to do it is out on a run.

    If you're religious, try prayer. It is a clinically proven that people that pray regularly are both healthier and feel better.

    Try to befriend someone that has less than you. Whether it involves helping out someone who us mentally challenged or taking a trip to Nicaragua to build houses, it will brighten up your life really quick.

    Try hanging out with that girl you like. (If you're not married of course =P) I have felt like the happiest person on earth since I started dating someone.

    That's just my advice... I am not a fan of playing games *as much* anymore because I associate them with the depression I used to have that I used games to get away from. Games are fun but that is a different kind of happiness.

    Those are things that have brought me joy as of recent and I reccomend them to anyone.