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  1. So, a day ago, I said hi to my possibly ex-girlfriend on Facebook. Around 10 minutes later, without saying a thing, she is gone from my friends list, and I have no idea what happened. I tried talking to her, and she wont say anything. I believe I did nothing to do this, unless "hi" is really offensive to some people. Any advice?
  2. someone could be messing with her facebook, one of her friends.
  3. Did you not see her at school today?
  4. Yeah, she was there. Doesn't seem like she hates me, but I still feel like something happened.
    Maybe, but I think she would have noticed by now...
  5. My advice? Hmm, I would suggest you attempt to talk to her in person. Be VERY delicate when you speak, try to find out what's wrong.
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  6. Possibly talk to her about it the next day at school?
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  7. I will try. It will be hard for me, as I always manage to screw stuff like this up, and make it worse. :/
  8. I know the feeling... :oops:
  9. Also, I have come up with something to end it if that's how it is. Hopefully its not, as before then, we really liked each other, and it would be a shame for this to be over overnight without a reason.
  10. TIME FOR THIS TO GET INTERESTING! She got back to me, and has no idea what happened. This will be fun to sort out.
  11. In all likelihood it could have been a simple glitch, mistake, etc. I suggest you talk to her again, but do not push the envelope.
  12. Keep calm and play TF2.
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  13. ex answers this question for you... usually girls don't want to talk to their ex boyfriends. lol
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  14. Facebook v real life is tricky... For example) people rarely speak to me on facebook but when I go in person they can talk to me just fine. I think it's all about being put on the spot or more uncomfortable over facebook where as people can see what you post and judge you more freely ... I wouldn't go based on just what you see on facebook - and what someone said earlier, yeah facebook glitches - It said a few people weren't on my friends list but I asked them later and their facebooks were acting up, and they finally showed back up again.

    I'd recommend just talking casually with her, don't bring up about the boyfriend - girlfriend subject ... just get to know her again and let her know you're comfortable being around her and want to be friends... then if things get better maybe try asking her out again :D
  15. I cannot comment or speculate on this matter as i have never had a GF who hasn't
    A. Turned out to be Insane.
    B. Turned out to have been dating multiple other people without my knowing. (Cheerleaders are crazy i'll tell you )
    C. A hardcore Satanist (Actually happened ._. )
    D. Nasty all the time, to the point of where it just isn't worth it.

    Or any combination of the above.
    So yeah.

    I could just say to go and talk to her.....but everyone else is doing that.
    But yeah i would advise doing that.
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  16. Turns out, she did mean to, but not in a bad way. She said she just needs some time to 'clear" her head of some stuff.
  17. Give her the space she wants. It will be better for the both of you.
  18. I am.
  19. Keep calm and ask kevdudeman- just gave me some GREAT advice. This sort of thing.