need redstone genius help

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  1. i need a way to randomise 156 individual items.

    the space should be moderately compact but i understand how difficult this is. it just needs to fit within like a 50x50 space and not be higher then 26 blocks. anything using water is acceptable as long as it has a catch so that none of those 156 items despawn.
  2. why do you need to do this? that would make it a bit easyer to understand what to build...
  3. the purpose is to feed into a casino machine that would then deal out the cards. im making a very complicated texas hold em machine
  4. Couldn't you just run them through a series of chests, hoppers, and an elevator, then make a branch to dispense what you need?
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  5. Have Chest where you drop the cards off, then feed them through two hoppers under the chest. Have these feed along a line of dispensers then have said dispensers shoot them into a water tunnel which leads into another chest that feeds into a single dispenser that shoots out cards on demand. It shuffles them due to the randomness of dispensers and should do what you want with ease. I'd build it if I wasn't lazy or I might try to construct something if no one else does here for ya.
  6. the problem with that is hoppers still cycle in order so i would have to make it where the dispensers would get full and then start spitting them out, 156 times
  7. yeah i was thinking about something liek that, but i couldnt figure out how to be sure that everything ended up collected in chests at the end of the "shuffling"
  8. you need 156 DIFFERENT items to have 1/156 chances EACH ?
  9. in the typical game of texas hold'em you use three decks shuffled to give the game a semblance of luck 52 x 3 =?
  10. Problem bite, is that on EMC we have item bunching... so you would need 156 different items to make this 100% work I think.
  11. queen of hearts d1 queen of hearts d2 queen of hearts d3 etc
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  12. I guess you didn't find someone jet so....
    okay, what kind of randomizer do you need, I guess I can do this: do you want to have 156 outputs, and there always goes and X amount on, or even a random amount with them all, let's say 1/9 chance (or varie) and, how do you want the output, on the top?, just annywere? arround the sides?

    I can find out what you want if you really acuratly describe what you want, but I guess you know yourselve :)
  13. did you try turning it on & off again?
  14. someone has fulfilled the requirements in a way i wasnt even thinking of tbh