Need More Rupees

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  1. Hi i need some money so please donate at plot 1314 at SMP1 if you want too
  2. I think none will donate just like that. Meaby you should make a small shop? Or meaby you should start being a supplier for a shop.
  3. i have a shop
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  4. Sell to D1223M.
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  5. Yeah, just sell to people's player shops. Or, just give you shop some time to get going, then you'll have a thriving business.
  6. Gosh.....! I'm tired of all these begging topics... :mad:

    Isn't it time soon for someone to put an end to it soon? :confused:
  7. Where is his res again?
  8. If you don't feel like switching servers, I have a shop at /v 514 that buys nearly everything. I really need wood, if you can provide it.
  9. ..... It's /v d1223m AM THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS THAT YOU CAN ALSO TYPE A NAME? lol sry just kidding bout the caps :p
  10. And you know I just noticed that your name tag says new member! I would just wait for the daily rupee bonus if you know what that is! Thats how i gain a few thousand rupees :p
  11. And it's on SMP3 if you asked that.
  12. How do i become Member ?
  13. because My name tag under my MC name is New Member
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  14. Just wait and post messages or something everybody starts as new member
  15. The new member thing is based on trophy points. I think referring a member and posting once will get you member or 1 post and one like.
  16. You need to have 30 posts, I think. Or maybe it's five trophy points? I know you get "active member" at 25 trophy points.
  17. Play for 2 weeks or more i think

    I just liked your post to get you member
  18. I also feel like screaming that. ;P