Need more recording software help!

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  1. I've been relizing that my recording are
    1) Capturing the humming of my laptop
    2) Have little FPS
    3) Can be very dark

    I am searching for a free or low priced recording software. Please recommend some to me.
    A) Free or low priced
    B) Be able to record Sound from speakers AND Microphone
    C) (Optinal, but wanted) Be able to capture webcam
    D) Have good FPS rates
    E) (Optinal, but wanted) Be able to edit recorded videos
  2. DxTory, It costs $45 but it is well worth it. If you are serious about YouTube you will need to spend some money.

    DxTory is good because:

    -Only reduces FPS by a little while recording (It still records fine on by horrible laptop)
    -Offers alot of options
    -Option to record both computer sound and Mic

    For Editing I use windows Movie Maker as it is all I need to edit my Videos.
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  4. Didn't you already ask this, and didn't some of us say FRAPS?
    If not, FRAPS.
  5. Use Camstasia Studio 8.
  6. Obviously a free trial/shareware/old version download, EMC doesn't support piracy. :)
  7. If you don't want to pay, these are the results you're going to get. That's just the way the world works.
  8. Well Fraps is $40 and DxTory is just $5 more for a ton more options I honestly recommend you try the trial you will not be disapointed. A I said early if you are truly passionate about YouTube $45 isn't alot.....

    Also why are you attempting to be funny on a thread where I was attempting to help you......
  9. 45$ is WAAAAAY out of my budget
    Lol you think i have that much money just lying around? xD
  10. Then you're going to have bad recordings..

    I recommend DxTory :) I use it, and it works great ;)
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  11. I do...