need help.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by ddales, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. well, i need some help.
    a big tree has grown and some of the leaves are outside my res (on the road) so i cant destroy them to make them go away, is it possible that a modderator or anybody that is cappable of getting rid of the tree, help me getting rid of it.

    it has been a good year now and the tree is in the way of my new project so i need help.

    if there are people who know what to do please respond.
  2. PM senior staff including the problem and res number, and they can remove it for free :)
  3. Ah ok, i didn't think it was possible for that to happen now. but maybe it was a year ago, i see.

    :) yea, staff can help. g'luck.
  4. i just pm'ed GameKribJim now I just need to wait for an answer, and thanks for the quick responds guys.
  5. I suggest including other senior staff too, more likelihood for a quick response :)
  6. That is not possible anymore, right?