need help with spacing for 36 cell iron farm

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  1. im building it in the end so height isnt really a problem i need more where to put the 12 bottom ones on a grid. anyone have a link or video?
  2. I always thought 24 was the limit on emc, not sure if that's true though - i may be able to help if no one else can
  3. Normal iron farm..? I don't really know what's normal or not as I don't know any knowledge of iron farm D:
  4. those designs can only be built in spawn chunks in order for them to work. you cant build in spawn chunks on EMC, therefore they wont work :)
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  6. If you have a revamped Docm77 iron farm, will it stop working in 1.8. When I say revamped, I mean 27-30 cells.
  7. i dont have any farm yet, cause i dont know how far apart to make everything or where each cell goes
  8. 12 bottom ones? lol.
    I don't believe 36 cells are possible anymore - since a reduction in chunks loaded.
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  9. How many chunks in each direction are loaded on EMC?
  10. View distance of 4 in town, and 6 in wild, I believe.
  11. Can you do 36 cells if you use alts to load the neighboring chunks?
  12. To help everyone out a bit, going to spill some of the beans on how to get your iron farms to work the best.

    1. you must have 2 loaded chunks in all directions for an entity (iron golems), to move - even in water.
    2. Radius of a village is 32 blocks. The 'centers' must be 65 blocks away to stay separated (not merge); I generally chose 66 to be safe. This means... you can go 4 cells high.
    3. Also the radius is spherical so you could technically push them together CLOSER, but often you run into issues with the /EntityCount.
    4. It only takes 10 villagers to produce a golem. Although 20 can give you 2 in a village - The spawning rate is NOT increased. Therefore, you essentially waste valuable entities.
    5. Not sure if still an issue; (here's a tissue). But the best way to avoid villagers over-breeding is to separate them :)
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  13. ohhhh you are smart!
    whats the biggest one you can do on emc? and what does the bottom row look like? im gonna make a double one and keep it loaded with my alt :p
  14. yeah, but I wouldn't necessarily consider that "one" farm. Instead, it would be all that runs from a single location.
  15. So we have a view distance of 6 in the wild (square perimeter?), now the 2 loaded chunks in all directions for an entity to be activated, that's around the entity correct? Also, are those 2 loaded chunks a circular or square perimeter?
  16. can someone like....put it on a grid? im more of a visual person lol
  17. yes
    yes (doesn't matter)

    no :p
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  18. I honestly suggest you make the smallest most efficient model you can find and plan other activities to do while running it. With entity activation ranges and idle checks, a super huge farm with alts is a lot more work than a well designed manageable multipurpose outpost, and likely more profitable in game unless iron production is your only goal.