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  1. Hi Everybody
    The pixel art museam is underway but we need help either with money, supplies, ideas or workers. Please this is a great idea and i really wanna do it so please post if you would like to help

    P.S. we are also making a absolutely MASSIVE pixel art of Austin Powers and need help.

  2. Im good at making pixel art, and I could donate some muneh ;)
    Also, why did you make 2 threads? :confused:
  3. I want to know why you needed two threads. Ask Pandaseatramen or her sister, they do pixel art.
  4. I made the statues on my res, designed the 3d flags on my old res, and made statues for other people - If you need an extra hand, I could give it a go.
  5. thx i will pm you guys and give you the details
  6. and i put 2 threads just to get the message across
  7. Which EMC looks down on.
  8. Thanks for the pointless bump.
  9. I'm going to explain something to you, the reason no one is posting, is because, no one is interested, so stop bumping this.
  10. cool, good to know
  11. LOL Austin powers! YEH' BABY!