need help with naming some stuff.

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  1. Hello EMC,

    I am making a new hotel and i wanted to know if anyone can think of a good name to name it, also in the mean while i am making a adventure map where u can win prizes and i need a name for that too, and last but not least i need a name for a casino i will be making soon.

    Here are the res number stuff:
    Adventure map - 12845 (Still making them, to get in the games go to the top and drop down a whole in the temple)

    Hotel - 12005 (Still making it, i keep running out of supplies)

    Casino - 12004 (It is a sheep farm atm till i move the sheeps under then i will be making the casino and connecting it to my hotel)

    I also have another res that is down but i use for the looks and it is 12731. and i will have 2 res's beside my hotel but can anyone thin what to make that will look nice.

    Thanks Finch,
  2. name the hotel the Magnum Hotel, name the casino Steve's Wager, name the adventure map The Apocryphic Effigy

    past all the lava walls, nobody knows about my branding expertise
  3. You mean failure?
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