need help with enchanment prices. thank you all

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  1. i'm opening an enchanment store and need to know what i should charge for each enchanment. i'm currently about half way to having a full double chest of each. so players can buy and just enjoy the game. Thank you all who help

    silk touch 1
    aqua affinity 1
    flame 1
    infinity 1
    punch 2
    knockback 2
    fire aspect 2
    looting 3
    lure 3
    depth strider 3
    unbreaking 3
    feather falling 4
    luck of the sea 3
    Respiration 3
    thorns 3
    smite 5
    efficiency 5
    power 5
    fortune 3
    fire protection 4
    projectile protection 4
    protection 4
    sharpness 5
    bane of arthropods 4
    blast protection 4
  2. how much per book
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  4. i thik 600r per book
  5. Sorry, things just don't work like that.
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  6. A late response but that's mainly because of the forum you chose. You see, you posted this in the General Minecraft discussions and then started asking about EMC. This forum is really the last I'd expect EMC related questions in. Now, don't take this the wrong way: I'm not saying that you did anything wrong or something. But if you want to talk about how things work on the Empire then consider using the Community Discussion forum next time. Or, if your question is specifically about the Empire's economy then you could also consider the Marketplace Discussion. That way people will sooner find your thread and can respond to it.

    (no kidding: I fell into this by accident, I usually don't frequent this forum because I like talking about EMC specific topics better here).

    And now onto your question. People above have already told you that this isn't really the way things work, but let me elaborate on that a little bit.

    First of all: EMC consists of 9 (SMP) servers which all have their own market and economy. Meaning so much that prices which are common on SMP1 (random example) could be completely different from those on SMP6. So the first thing you should do when you're looking for price indications is look around on your server to see if other shops sell (or buy) the same things as you and what prices those shops charge.

    Careful: be extra alert for shops which buy products as well as sell them. Because if you want to make a good bit of money it's usually a good idea to keep your selling prices higher than the other shop(s) buying prices. I mean: if you don't then you could just as well sell the products in that other shop yourself. And even if you don't care for all this then you can be fairly sure that if you don't match your prices then eventually a random player will find out about the price differences and then sell these items for you. You will earn money on them, sure, but you might have been able to earn a little more.

    Once you've done this then you should be fairly safe to determine your own prices.

    Optionally you can look around on other servers to see what prices they charge. But do keep in mind that most players hop servers to advertise or buy stuff, not so much to sell things (but... it does depend on the player).

    Now... To actually answer your question.

    While keeping the above in mind I think it's fair to say that the prices for enchanted books lie between approx. 1200 - 1300 rupees and 1800 to 2100 rupees. Of course depending on the enchantment.

    So yeah, hope this can help you out a little.