Need help with an auto brewing system

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  1. Hi all, I am in desperate need for help with how to build an auto brewing system. Basically what I want is where you pull the levers for what ingredients you want (like most auto brew systems) but whats different about this one is I want it to have 4 brewing stands instead of just one. It also needs to have every single brewing ingredient so it can brew any and every potion. Please share help, advice and if you could possibly build this or help me build it.

    Thanks, Kry
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  2. Have you tried Google or YouTube tutorials
  3. Yes, none of the are what I am looking for
  4. Not sure that's possible in java edition. It can be done in the bedrock edition due to pistons are able to move potion stand. I'll see if I can figure out something in my test world, but timings are going to be a nightmare if it's even possible.
  5. Tango tech has a video on it but it does not have every ingredient. Maybe there is a way to add on to that
  6. I checked out Tangos' video. The reason all the ingredients are not there is the redstone signal would be too long.
    Being it uses signal strength to gather the ingredients in an order, I'm not sure it would work to lengthen it.
    Maybe you could build a couple of them to get around that problem.
    Sorry if I was unable to help.
  7. I want one though bc I want all the ingredients to be in one place instead of split up
  8. Tango's design can be extended on. Yes, the redstone signal can not exceed 15 but if you claim that's a problem then you don't understand its design ;)

    This is on my res and it works. I even have a version on my redstone world which I expanded further.
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  9. How many brewers is that?
  10. I do understand the design this is on my res and yes it's expandable. I never claimed anything I said I wasn't sure that design would work to lengthen it. It's not the same as ours.

    But this video here I'm not sure that it is expandable it also uses 4 stands
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  11. On my testworld I added 3 or 4 ingredients (tried to keep up with 1.13). I'm on my phone right now (first time for everything) but I'll check tomorrow.
  12. Yeah, sorry about my poor choice of wording there, a bit too direct. You never said that it couldn't be done but I know others do.
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  13. Thanks Shell, Yes I know when it comes to redstone most anything is possible. That's why I love it so much! ;)
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  14. I am still looking for a design!