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  1. Ok so I am typing this from my phone currently as my PC just stopped working. I was playing minecraft just normally till I got the blue screen error and my PC rebooted. I got on MC again and again blue screen. I rebooted again but now I noticed that some pixels showed up on my screen. Its not a screen problem as they appeared on both my screens. So i guess its somethimg with my video card and I guess its broken. Im using Windows 7 64 bit version. If someone could help me with this it would be great
  2. is this a desktop or laptop? Integrated video or PCI Video card? If you are using a third party card, do you have integrated video?
  3. Its a desktop with a Nvidea GTX 9800+ i think its A PCI video card
  4. ok do you have an integrated video? like a little VGA port hanging out on the pack of your computer you dont ever use :p. I would suggest removing the video card and utilizing the integrated.. if the fault persists.. then its not you video card.. If it works... let me know.. there are some more steps we can run through to decide a more precise problem.
  5. Wait. What do you mean? Getting another video card from another PC? Im not really following atm
  6. Or do you mean a VGA port which is not from the video card but just from the motherboard?
  7. This one.. when the video is attached to the motherboard that is referred to as "integrated"
  8. Ahh. No I dont have that. I do see a male VGA port on my pack tho. But not the female which is required for a screen
  9. hmm.. well then just try reseating the video card.. taking it out and putting it back in... and see what happens.. it could just be a short somewhere.. also.. try booting your computer and before running something like minecraft, try updating drivers.. aslo, have you updated window recently? it could have a conflicting driver that causes this.. i have personally ran into that problem.. restoring to a later date (windows usually does this automatically before an update anyways) can fix it if that is the issue.
  10. I have not updated my windows recently and I cant even get to the screen to log onto your PC. When I get to the windows logo it crashes. Ill try to reseat it then
  11. let me know the outcome.. when you finish that, if it does not help, if you could give me the full specs of your pc I could probably look to some other things that could be causing the issue.
  12. Ok so the good thing is, I am typing this from my PC, so I made it to here. But I realized that youtube has all these crazy green and purple bugs in it, like colored bars. Also on a white screen I see a lot of pixels through my screen.

    EDIT: Thus the pixels are not on 1 point, if I tab somewhere else or scroll in notepad they move and disappear and appear again.
  13. Nevermind the above. My PC just crashed again
  14. Is your computer running really hot? after researching more on the card I have found that they are really sensitive to temperatures so that would explain why it worked for a moment after letting it sit.. if it is getting really hot.. try turning it on and making sure all of your fans are running, including the one on the video card, if that is all good, let me know.. also, where is the computer actually located? like underneath a desk somewhere? when was the last time you took a good air dusting to the fans ?
  15. also.. how long have you had the video card? Because apparently the 9800 has a pretty low life span xD
  16. Ok I've had this one for a while. I think about a year so far. And my pc has a really good airflow and really doesnt get to hot. Its on my desk away from my screens in the open air. Ive got about 6 fans in my case so
  17. ok.. that sounds about right then.. the 9800's appear to give out right around a year.. do you have another video card to throw in to test? if you do that and it works just handy... then you have a bad card..
  18. Ok so I found out its the video card. So id like to know if the GeForce GTX 550 ti FPB is a good choice
  19. the 550 is amazing xD 1gb ddr5? you'll be good to go my friend
  20. I'll order that one then :) Hope to get it tomorrow.
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