[Need Help!] New Promo Video!

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  1. Hey all!

    With my recent promotion to one of the official EMC YouTubers I've been enlisted with the task of creating the new EMC Promo Video. But I need your help. If you have suggestions for the video or clips that you would like to be included post them in the comments below!

    Sam :)
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  2. You could build a demo on EMC malls and how to successfully build one. I know new users would probably like it.
  3. Sorry my phone sucks when connecting to the site, I just read the title saying a new promo video. I would suggest doing a mass promo video of all of the holiday specials, such as Eggcellent Wand, Holiday Pick, etc.
  4. It's fine :p And ok, I want this to be a community video so everyone is welcome to put their own content in!
  5. How about a video for new players?
    Show them 'Town' basic commands to get around...
    hints to visit player shops instead of 'EMC shop' (no offence EMC shop)

    Then commands to get to the waste to go collect, as well as some basic tools to have (food, torches, armor, tools)
    How to not get lost, using live map, or coordinates with F3.

    Show the difference between the waste and the wild also...

    Then the next video can be 'how to build a res' and 'res flags'

    A intro video, then leading into some more specific videos (how most of us progressed) would be super useful for new players. Us old timers know most already....
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  6. Thanks for all the advice so far everyone. I'm not sure if the message didn't come across fully but this is meant to be a promotion video to showcase EMC in a fancy way. Not a tutorial, they'll follow later :)
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  7. give them a show of what all promos do, and how they help you?
  8. Mind coming out to a wild base that isn't far out at all? only 3k out.
  9. You could still do what highlancer says though. Not just showing buildings of other people in town, but showing what the player would do. A part of the tutorial at the start, then have it be welcomed, build a little shack and go out in the waste. So they know what they can do when joining.
    I think you misunderstood the definition of promo here... :rolleyes:
  10. I'm thinking of making this like a story, like a diary of someone's life on here.
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  11. That's what I meant, yes.
  12. You could show someone with a dirt shack and then slowly build their way up?
  13. That would be cool. I'll need someone to be the actor though :p
  14. And as this is a community video as it's a community server. Everyone is welcome to add their own footage! Some may sadly be rejected if the quality doesn't match the other ones, but I'll try my best to edit as much as I can :)
  15. I'm here! :p
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  16. :p
  17. OMG, just be sure its not the story of the highlancer.... we dont want people running away!
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  18. Can I be in it?
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  19. Sure!