Need Donations for giant shop

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  1. I need donations to build a GIANT shop, once i get enough im going to reset my res.

    Possible donations:
    cobble stone

    At this moment 2:52 Eastern Time I am on accepting donations at my res at 8430. There is also rupees donation there.
  2. NVM, comment when you are at my res and I will log back on
  3. I dont get why you want donations to make a shop? What about making a shop, a small one, to earn enough to make a big one...
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  4. Not everyone is rich
  5. But everyone can mine and make a shop sign...
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  6. But anyone can be -- I made my first 100K rupees as an iron supporter in less than a month. I don't mean to be rude, but it really irritates me when people beg like this. Every day, someone asks me for free rupees. It's not that hard to figure out what is selling on any given server, find a source for yourself and make some rupees. It does take some thinking, planning and hard work, though, and I think that's the problem...
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  8. But who says im begging? I am not repeatedly sending you messages asking for free rupees. I am asking in a nice and polite manner asking if people want to help me out. Im not forcing, annoying, or tricking you into donating to me. But I think you would have realized that with that "hard work and thinking" you mentioned.
  9. Beg: to ask for as a gift, as charity, or as a favor
    I looked it up for you... Which is the thing that bugs me the most, really. You are asking someone else to do the hard work for you. You want people to give you the things that they worked for, and have the audacity to insult them when they suggest you earn it for yourself. It takes time to get going in this game, and that is one of the most fulfilling parts. If everything was simple, no one would keep playing after the first week.
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  10. It gets annoying everyday to see people beg for donations to build something. Part of MINEcraft is mining. Which is why the craft part amazes people because they know the owner had to mine all the resources to build it.

    You basicly want a creative server where all resources are free, thats not a legit enviroment, thats not impressive.

    I built my mega shop on smp2 spending three weeks mining, buying and trading resources to make it happen.

    140k rupees and three weeks later, i am proud of what i did.
  11. I didnt mean for that to come across as an insult. All I am trying to say is that I am trying to ask politely.
  12. And all I am trying to say is that I think you will have more fun if you put in the time to make your shop happen for you all by yourself. Ask away though. You never know, someone might bankroll the whole thing for you.
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  13. I Agree about not asking for "Donations" for a "Giant Shop" It has taken me many hours and hard work to go from a couple of crates to a very small shop, now on to a medium shop. I'm on nearly 10 hours a day easy, and I still myself have not got a giant shop. What I have built up so far though is a very good customer base, and came up with Ideas then.

    Once you have spare rupees from your start up shop then you can use that to expand.

    what your almost saying is, I have no money so you guys build me a giant shop so I dont have to bother putting the work in.
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  14. Well said yapzi i find threads like these pretty pathetic its really not hard to start off with a couple of crates and work your way up i am going to write to twitch or another admin about posts like these because they are recently flooding the forums
  15. Just a final note:

    Even thought all the supporter-people here saying its "easy" to make rupees to expand your shop doesn't mean you HAVE to be a supporter - but it sure as heck helps a lot.. You might wanna consider it.
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  16. I have considered it i haven't always been a supported i built up my big store before supporter just have to supply what is wanted by the community
  17. I don't think it was or still is easy to make rupees. It is in fact with so much competition really hard. But hard work pays off
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  18. Well, thinking about how many times a day im running into empty shops just to get stone and other basic needs - im sure there is a good market for everyday-items.
  19. Then it shouldn't be too hard to make money if you only have to stock general items like seeds food ect
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