Need diamonds!

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  1. Im in a real need of diamonds i will buy tons of it, if it is decently priced, pm me or tell me your res number in comments, or sell them straight to me on smp4 at 8485 (in my sell shop)
  2. Smp2 v 3456

    The diamond trade shop is on the black floor to the left after spawn. Not sure what thr priced at now but try to buy the cheapest 1st. I always have diamonds in stock, its the supply and demands that prices them though.
  3. OK, i've been to your shop before and i think its awesome leowaste, can you also sell them to me personally at 8485 on smp4? ty
  4. Weren't you using your puppet account to beg for rupees a couple of days ago?

    Now you are buying a ton of diamonds with your main account? This seems really suspicious, like you are trying to scam people or something. One account begs for rupees in the guise of a new player and the other is purchasing diamonds hand over fist? LAME
  5. They would have to be at the current market price and i work all day, might not even be able to get on tonight either
  6. the other account is my friend and he always asks for rupees of me..... but hes used most of the rupees making a very cheap shop with me at 8485 on smp4
  7. also what do you meen by hand over first
  8. Well, saying "the other acount is my friend"
    I believe this will be what happens ---> A moderator will ip check you out ---> they will check if you are the same guy ---> you will get warned for kidding us.
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  9. Right -- you are two friends with the same name and the same skin, and you use the same residence to buy diamonds and ask for donations. One player is 110 days old, and the other only 6 days old... I call shenanigans!

    A quick peek by a moderator at the rupee history, chat logs and ip address of the new skillz could tell us for sure, I guess.

    And if you don't know what "hand over fist" means, then google it.
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  10. i was just asking if you could sell diamonds via a shop chest to me, nothing more.
  11. seriously, i wasnt asking for any of this, he is my friend and so what if he begs for rupees , thats his fault, i just wanted some diamonds that i WILL pay for using a fair system with a chest at 8485
  12. if he gets banned its his fault :p
  13. If his IP get's banned, it's his fault also, right?
  14. Try 4422 SMP2, not guaranteeing though. (I can't get on ATM)
  15. yeh
  16. THIS IS NOT A Puppet account. Were just friends.
  17. Proof?
  18. notice it took a while for him to switch accounts and post that, RIGHT AFTER he says something on the other...
  19. get an admin to IP check then you will have your proof OK?