Need Help!!!

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  1. Cancelled
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  2. So sick of these threads tbh
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  3. I can't tell if it's a serious thread or not? Please tell me it's a joke?
  4. Not a joke, I think. He asked me for rupees in game earlier. And sage, I totally agree with you. Maybe if everyone just endlessly flames people who ask for something for nothing, then people will stop?
  5. These threads are like hydra heads(booyah that rhymed), you flame one and two more take it's place...
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  6. (traduced via my eyes)
    Hey guys i am pretty lazy and i don't like any kind of work, so go ahead and drop thousands of rupees so i can get rich and have fun at the 'eazy' life.
    Come to my residence because i won't even go to yours and recieve donations.
    Thanks for making my life so easy,
    same dude that's buying diamonds over there.Co
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