Need Cash? Give feed back about my res!

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  1. Do you need some quick cash? Well stop looking for a job and give some feed back about the medieval village on smp3 and be entered to win 5k! The person who gets the cash will be announced the 30 of October, so give some feed back!
  2. +220 because of it being on smp3 :)
  3. I love "village" res's. There's something special about them that makes us recall the early SP days and NPC villages we were so happy to discover (I'm not alone in this world!). In terms of build, check out B4DMAN5IMON's res at 3153, and gremlindan's res at 5001 - they are masterpieces and two of my favorites. As for me, I offer the small Village Shops at 19009 (don't buy there it's overpriced!). Keep building and improving.
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  4. It look great :D
    Maybe for the church you could put a cross on the top of it?
  5. That did not give any help you basically just advertised your self and other players. The purpose was to give me some feed back about my res.
  6. Perhaps what he could of meant by that was check them out as they're the type of style he likes, you could get inspiration from the res' and make yours better :)
  7. awesome beacause 1 ur Epic! and 2 its on smp3!
  8. Love it!
    Maybe change the angle your looking when you spawn???
  9. So glad to see this build come so far:D! And really proud to be the first donater.:cool:
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  10. I really like the design of the buildings. I think some new farms and a variety in decoration would help the village look more complete. Other than that you can tell a lot of effort was put into the village as a whole.
  11. What kind of decorations were you thinking?
  12. Looks cartoony +666
  13. How could I make it better?
  14. Make edges of the tops of the wall better by use and mixture of stairs and slabs. Also make is slimmer...
  15. Well today is the day the winner will be announced. MasterEAB you won the 5k!
  16. Is this considered a lottery? All lotteries were ordered a cease & desist
  17. no
  18. Did you even read the OP? : P
  19. Definition of lottery:
    There were no tickets nor money being made on Epic's part, both of which are included in lotteries. Therefore, no, this is not a lottery.
  20. Thank you Epicman81401, really appreciate the $. By decorations I meant like carpets, bookshelf's, workbenches, etc. in the houses.
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