Need assistance with forums account...

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  1. so i tried to register my second account on the forums (NinjaKitty_Otis), however i apparently entered the wrong email... and now i cant log in or retrieve the account, seeing as how idk where the email was even sent! D:
  2. Oh noes! Well, there's nothing I can do about it-try contacting staff-admin's probably, as I do not think that moderators have the power to change the email on an account.
  3. PM this problem to the moderators/admins.
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  5. I would actually PM Aikar (or Eye_Car) as he's the technical guy.
  6. Aikar isn't even a site admin. :p (or wasn't last time I asked). Also, he can't PM Aikar (eye_car isn't Aikar, I promise you).

    Justin's the site guy, and ICC is the best way to contact him. :)
  7. IcecreamCow is the main community admin. That means EMC accounts
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  8. OK then...
    World famous Ice Cream Maker to the rescue!
  9. Yeah, you are. :p
  10. Nope. :p Although I do know who it is.
  11. Oh. :oops:.
  12. You probably know who's everyone's alt is (almost... :p)

    (And what am I doing up this late?)
  13. Probably.
    I know right?
  14. I might have made it so when I /p someone, I see a list of the alts I know...

    Although that stupid amount of time and effort I put into making that was sooooooo worth it. :p
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  15. What timezone for you?
  16. But you still need to find them out :p
  17. Interesting.

    We have sooooo derailed this thread.. :rolleyes:
  18. That's the fun part. =P
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  19. GMT, 5am. beat. that lol
    And perhaps we have :)
  20. And you never went to sleep?? :eek:
    There are more off-topic posts than on...
    (6 to 14)