Need An Item!

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  1. I am looking for a

    Fortune 3
    Unbreaking (any)

    Diamond Pickaxe.

    i will pay up to 5k and some diamonds + even more minerals, any people willing to sell it to me?
  2. you want a fortune 3 for 5k? i am afraid to tell you that will probably not happen. But best of luck XD.
  3. Meh, it can be fortune 2, but it cant be fortune 1, i need something better for what i have planned, i said i would pay other minerals too
  4. I'm looking for some dark oak saplings.
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  5. Check out the pickaxe shop, this may help you. Its my thread where I sell all sorts of enchanted pickaxes
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  6. Why did you just bump a 3.5 year old thread with something totally unrelated... Go to a mall or ask around on your home server. Come on man.
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  7. You're three years late. But nice free advertising :D
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  8. This thread is very old, I am going to request it to be closed as its not needed any more.
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  9. Spoilsport ;)

    (sorry, you're fully right, I'm joking).
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  10. Just a tip: When a thread hasn't been active for a few years before you joined the server, it's probably not a good idea to bump it. You can tell by the amount of people that complain.
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  11. Not to mention the mini-mods.
  12. There is no such thing on EMC. Mini-modding implies that people warn others in order to make them feel better than those others they warn. Trust me on this: the people who actually DO bother to warn others on EMC while they're not a moderator ("member of staff" covers it better) aren't usually like that on EMC. Quite the opposite: they want to help others to understand the rules we have.

    And for the record: I will vouch personally for WW2 in this matter (for whatever that's worth).

    (edit): AND jay2a obviously! (sorry, sorry, sorry: weekend and all!).

    Some servers know mini-modding (I've been a part of one myself). That does not really exist on EMC.

    Not to start a discussion but: what some would call mini-modding others would pick up as helping players to understand the rules. Keep in mind: there are minors around these areas and not everyone will pick up the rules as easily as others do.

    Only my 2 cents here obviously.
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