[need advises!] fighting with Guardians

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  1. Hi thank you for opening this thread!
    After the 1.8 update, you all know there are sea temples spawning in the wild so we see a lot of pretty sea temple blocks!

    I want sea lanterns!!! (for my new building)

    so I went to a temple where I found the other day, and it seemed like someone did hard work for guardian farm. Ok, that was my first encounter with guardians and had no idea how to fight with them!!!

    I spent around 2 hours killing them but I was about to die every single battle with them.
    they were jumping on floor attacking invisibly and running away to the water.
    I could only get 1 prismarine crystal.

    So, what is the best way to fight with them?
    I had all voters (leather) armors on and fought with my voter's sword (iron one)
    it was tough just because I am not a good fighter?
    please advise the good way to kill them >_<!
  2. Reduce difficulty to 1. I know, i know. Lots of shiny loot at higher levels. But without the aid of potions, keeping it at a high level will be a one-sided shootout - with you on the receiving end. Even if you get through the fray you'll get slapped with mining fatigue and either drink milk to negate it and the other potions or risk drowning waiting for it to expire.

    Looting III sword (preferably voter) helps. You've got that covered.

    Arrows work great at point blank range but are extremely ineffective underwater outside that range. Bring a bow and arrow that has infinity and no punch.

    Last, bring at least 3 stacks of blocks - dirt, cobble, what have you. Their attacks are dependent on line of sight. If you break it they'll stop the attack and move to gain a clear shot. This obviously won't work well outside the temple but will inside it.

    Outside the temple, just do a blow through - go straight to an entrance that either exists or is already made, and kill anything that gets in your way. If you keep your health and hunger in check, you can use the attacks behind you to your advantage by having it propel you forward.

    EDIT: Oh, and if you don't mind gambling diamond armor, bring boots that have unbreaking III protection IV depth strider III. They will be immense help with getting into the temple and moving around in general.
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  3. Water striding boots also obviously help :p

    Also, try to attack when they do not have their spikes protruded out. This deals damage to you, similar to thorns.

    Remember that sea lanterns require silk touch ;)
  4. First off, difficulty down to 1.

    I recommend nondamageable armor, with the exception of boots (enchanted with depth strider). keep some blocks on you.

    If you're circled with their beams, place a two-high "tower" on the ground, and walk around it. This will make most, if not all of the guardians to lose direct sight of your head. Pretty easy way to save some damage. Obstacles make it much easier for you.

    If you run out of waterbreathing potions, carry around torches. Just look at a wall at head level and place the torch in your block. Should refresh your bubbles.

    Lastly, be on the offensive, but avoid contact with as many at one time as you can. Target one at a time, and keep your audio up to listen for their attack charges.
  5. Use bow instead of sword at close range, it takes some practice but you can avoid thorns enchantment damage.
    It is fun and hones you bow skills {at last realy hard moving bow target ;)}
  6. I go with difficulty at 5, and full diamond armor. Using voter's armor and diff 1 is a great way to do it, to avoid the repair cost of using normal armor. If you need backup, look for me on 2. I'll gear up.
  7. Waaaaahhh!! thank you so much ElfinPineapple0, karatekick2001, neonkillah, and Mr_Zulus!!
    I'll take REVENGE using these advises! I totally forgot about changing difficulty and using arrows!
    Also good to know about using blocks...Also I had no idea why I was getting damaged after I hit them and was totally scared and in panicked. Now I know it was because of thorns!

    thank you a lot!!!
  8. aww thank you x7mx too! Yeah I realized I shouldn't have been there alone...
    I was too scared to die and lose everything because it was my first time to enter the temple. but now, I feel I'm ready to use my Diamond armor set!! XD
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  9. Even easier - the public guardian farm should be open sometime next week I hope on smp8 :) Watch for thread from the crazy crew (smp8 lol) :D
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  10. public farm sounds great!! I hope it will be in another smp as well since I'm living way too far from the outpost on smp8
    thank you for the advise as well!
  11. there's a public guardian farm on smp9 wastes, but it's more of a gauntlet challenge then a farm, it honestly is worse then you described, unless you clear one row and kill the ones with a bow in the next row through the 1/2 slabs. SMP9 /Waste SW, south ramp down, turn to the SE you should see a big stone V pointing to the tunnel entrance. Unless it's been griefed again, haven't checked in a couple weeks, busy building other guardian farms in wild.
    Been averaging 3-4 griefs a week since School let out in the US.
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  12. thank you for your info!!! I'll definitely try with my best armors and bows on! thanks!
    aww griefing is such a pain :/ donno why people do that..
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