Need a job

Discussion in 'Player Jobs Available' started by TheFryedmans, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. Any chance of a job??
    Just no wool jobs
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  2. Dang was gonna offer a wool gathering job... just kidding.

    However, side note, think this is more for "players for hire" not "player jobs available" which may help get more responses.

    I may have something but I need to get online and check some stuff.... best of luck.
  3. Have you got the Schematica mod installed or can you install the schematica mod? (Link) As long as printer mode is disabled, you are allowed to use this mod to copy builds from eg. Singleplayet to here. I think I few people are in need of a schematica builder currently, as it still is quite a slow proces. (I might be one of those people...)
  4. Ok sorry I missed clicked the forms but I am interested for the job