need a designer

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Would u willing to build a castle for me

yes 5 vote(s) 71.4%
yes 5 vote(s) 71.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. hey guyz i need a designer for a nether castle post ur designs onto this thread and ill chose who gets to do it! illpay u as soon as i get money :(
  2. would the nether brick be provided?
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  3. i have some....
  4. also it would be build on your res? and if so what area of your res do you want it to take up?
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  5. ill show u go on utopia
  6. get on utopia and show me?
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  7. Do you realize that they are developing a plugin to get rid of the extra supporter residences for people who dont support anymore?
  8. I'll help you!
  9. thanks the more the merrier
  10. I'll provide nether bricks if someone helps me travelling to the nether... I always die :(
  11. Btw, here's one of my castle designs:
  12. Nuff said
  13. Zeke, You're supplying the glowstone!
    Chas, You're supplying the nether brick!

    Anyone else?
  14. You supplying a donation to EMC for the use of a res on utopia that you have no rights to be using, so all of you please do donate your items to him, only to see them vanish when the res is reset
  15. im getting supporter today, so jokes on u!
  16. It seems im missing the punch line of this joke? Care to explain it to me?
  17. U said my res would be resseted, but im getting supporter at 11:00 CT
  18. That's nice...

    Have a cookie

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  19. Kinda a "mushy" cookie, but thanks! Would u like to help?
  20. Pie2.jpg Thanks for cookie! Have some pie!! :)
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