Need a Cool New Skin?

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  1. Hello All,

    Many of you only know me because I am R0bbieJo's son... Well now I want to find a way to be reconized for something else... I have found I have a talent in making minecraft skins... examples can be My skin... RobbieJo's skin Tinkerbell28's skin and Ob1bob69's skin so far... I would Like to expand that and would Like to know what you guys would want out of me... If you want a skin post what you want it to look like IN DETAIL and I will make it remake it and edit it until you get what you like... So let the orders roll in and lets see what crazy Ideas I get!!
    Prices are:
    Basic Skin: 500r
    Medium skin:1000r
    Hard Skin:2000r
    Extreme Skin:3000r

    Thank you,
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  2. can you remodel already made skins?
  3. This Will be the 2000r one
  4. Deal.
  5. I do all so ya
  6. I can have it ready by the end of the day!
  7. Awesome
  8. Actually I will have it done in about an hour
  9. I posted on your thread
  10. I need a better shirt on my slime.

    500-1,000 in Rupees
  11. Ok any preferable color?
  12. Red & Orange
  13. Okie and for just a lil more info and patterns or anything?
  14. Guys if you really like the skin... Publise it... make everyone know it... I like making skins so the more orders the better!!!
  15. No